Why hello to all you people in my computer!

I finally decided to start a random, fun, pointless blog about nothing other than my life. I was going to wait until having children, since all of the blogs I obsessively follow seem to be about mothers and their amazing parenting skills, but then I realized 1) having children != having amazing parenting skills and 2) I want to blog now.

Today is the start of a full GLORIOUS WEEK off of work. I will be going to the Olympics up in Vancouver with my hubby, so no work for me. No engineering, and no dog training. The latter is a bit sad, but a week without having to be professional will be nice. We do have tickets to many events, but many more I will send my husband to alone while I enjoy my ideal vacation: sitting still and not. doing. anything. Aaaaaaah. Sleep!

To prepare for said vacation I stopped by Barnes & Noble on my way to the bus stop after work. I wanted to have some new books to take on this trip, since one of my favorite things to do while doing nothing is read, and so I needed to stop today before we left. Yup. That’s definitely the reason. The fact that I have a library upstairs full of books, many of which I still haven’t read, is beside the point. My unhealthy obsession with books and book stores had nothing to do with it. The IMPORTANT thing here is I spent an hour and a half in a book store, and only left with three books! Three! That shows amazing restraint on my part! So proud. *sniff*

The other four books I wanted to buy I just took note of on my phone, and I’ll order them from Amazon soon. (Through your blog, Essie! Promise!)

So what did I end up with, you may ask? Well, I am *fascinated*with psychology and how our brains work..especially how they can *stop* working. Also, a lot of the blogs I read are about adoptive moms whose kids have RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), which often stems from neglect and/or trauma early in life. So this keyed me into my first book, The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog. Heard great things about it, it’s a psychiatrist’s account of many of the children he worked with who were horrifically abused. Don’t ask me why, I have a sick fascination with this. And it will be interested to get the science in there, too. The next book was sitting right next to it on the shelf, and, well, impulse control is something I’m still working on. Sybil is the book, you know, the story of the first documented case of multiple personality disorder? I read this book years ago and remember really liking it, so I wanted to read it again now that I’m an adult. I’m kind of a book snob, I have little patience for poorly written or bad books, so I do have a tendency to go back to ones I know are good. The third was totally random, looked interesting, and is called Secrets of the Tudor Court: The Pleasure Palace. This one’s historical fiction, based on King Henry VIII’s wives. I know there’s at least one more book centering around other wives. Historical fiction also fascinates me, when I was younger I really wanted to live a hundred years ago or so. Little House On The Prarie appealed, but even more all the English countryside type times. And…shhh…I really like the clothes. I mean likeD. Past tense. Definitely. But seriously, I realize how uncomfortable a corset would be, I realize I probably wouldn’t like wearing skirts every day no matter what the style, and actually SEWING those clothes? By HAND? Not happening. But still. I girl could (can) dream.

So looking forward to them all. And the hour and a half in a bookstore was totally relaxing. Looooove book stores. Aaaaaaaaah.

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