Too True Tuesday: Worse than Waxing

Essie over at The Accidental Mommy has issued her bi-weekly Too True Tuesday challenge. Too True Tuesday is about letting it all hang out..well…most of it…well…OK, maybe just some of it. Anyway, the idea is that you share tidbits that you wouldn’t necessarily lie about, but you probably wouldn’t otherwise go out there announcing to the world. Things that are a bit embarrassing. Things that you wouldn’t want to announce to the whole internet. Oh wait…*cough* Moving on, this week’s challenge: what personal hygeine habits do you hate?

I’ve got to agree with Essie on this one, hair removal is the pits. (Get it? Pits? Man, I crack myself up.) I am blessed with skin the color of which I can only describe as “neon white.” (Thanks, mom!) And I have a great, great abundance of very dark hair. (Thanks, dad!) So without shaving, my legs could pass as those of a sasquatch. Like Essie, I feel that in the winter it is just plain common sense to allow yourself an extra layer of warmth in the form of leg hair. I mean really, why put on thermals if you can just be lazy? But my problem is not so much with my legs, or even my “under-arms” (that’s such a nice way to say “armpits,” thanks advertisers), it’s more with..well..the areas which become visible only when wearing a swim suit. The dreaded “bikini line.” Now, I am not a big fan of swimming ’cause there’s no POINT. I mean really, I’m not talented enough to swim laps, so I end up just..sitting…in the water….yaaay…? And then on top of that there’s all the…preparatory work. Followed by the weeks of pain and discomfort. Yeah, I can see why this is an attractive hobby! I’ve tried shaving, which leads to me breaking out in little red spots. I’ve tried those creams that vaporize the hair. My hair is like the terminator, you can destroy everything around it, leaving the cream on until the skin starts to dissolve, but the hair will rise from the remains. *sigh* Shortly before my wedding and the ensuing 2 week long Jamaican vacation, I decided to try waxing (Essie, it’s really not bad to let someone do it, way less pain and they keep you covered!). Which at first seemed to work awesome! But..after a few times…the skin was just dry and tight and painful all the time. So in short there is no. good. solution. It is simply a matter of choosing what type of discomfort I would like to experience. My general solution is to not swim. Everyone wins!

Another pet peeve of mine is makeup. Really? Makeup? What is the flipping point? You spend time in the morning covering yourself with powders and creams and other stuff which feels bad, with the goal of having everything you apply not be visible, and then all day if you’re uncomfortable and touch it it LOOKS bad, too! So totally not worth it. *shakes head* I prefer saving my morning time for more useful and rewarding things. Like sleeping. Or cleaning up after the dog. Yeah, picking up poop is definitely preferable to putting on makeup. Now if I’m going out for a nice event, I’ll put some on. ’cause then the goal is not for it to be invisible. Subtle, but there. But every day? Yeah, count me out…

So those are my confessions. Head on over to Essie’s blog and read all the other fun entries! Enter your own! Careful not to read too many of Essie’s posts, though. You’ll be addicted pretty fast, and then you’ll spend the next 2 or 3 straight days reading her blog through from the beginning. So you might want to wait to check her entry out until you have an empty weekend.


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3 responses to “Too True Tuesday: Worse than Waxing

  1. Jen

    So funny – I told Essie that I started wearing swim skirts because I hate shaving “there” too – and they also cover up some unsightly bulges on me. As far as makeup, I have to say that I am a huge fan of lipstick and mascara – want people to notice my face and not the rest of my sagging body!!! :)

  2. HA! Ever since having that baby, I invested in 2 of those super coverage bathing suits with the skirts. Then of course I worry about the skirt floating up and the “line” would still show.
    Thanks for playing!

  3. Erica

    Ok, I’m behind the times because I just got my blog but I figured that I’d go back through and read/comment of your earlier stuff because…. well, because I feel like it.

    Anyways, shaving…. ::sigh:: It’s a hassle. Always. Any form of hair removal will be weird. I think you already know this unnecessary piece of information but I shave ummmm… everything so this a very standardized process for me. Personally, I think shaving works the best if I’m careful because I also get the “shaving burn” thing. I’ve never found the chemicals to work very well. :shrugs: But I also need to do it pretty constantly whether or not anyone will see because my hair is thick and itchy. I can’t stand it. So maybe, by doing it all the time I get an easier time adjusting to it. ::shrugs:: Dunno.

    And make-up… you know I like make-up. I don’t like going out or really seeing anyone without it. I feel naked, even if all I put on is some blush or lip gloss. Make up, for me, is a type of social defense. I’m a control freak so by taking the time to alter my appearance (make-up, jewelery, cloths) then I am actively deciding how people will see and react to me. This way I can decide who I will be. Once that decision is made then it puts me in the correct mindset and then I AM that way for the rest of the day. It’s a subconscious trick to make social interactions more fun and easier while also appealing to my controlling nature. :shrugs: Works for me.
    Ok, rambled enough.

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