Writer’s Workshop – Craft Time!

Today I’m going to participate in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, which gives a handful of prompts to bloggers. Helps us come up with bloggy ideas and meet other bloggers – always good since I am constantly looking for new blogs to follow and, being a new blogger, am shameless about connecting to people to trick them over here!

Today’s prompt: Craft time!

Recently one of my best buds, we’ll call her Hot Momma, had her first baby. She loves using slings and wraps to carry her ADORABLE little boy around, but she doesn’t have to many. And I love to sew. Poifect!

So when planning to head out and visit her, I offered to make her a baby carrier of some kind. We eventually settled on a modified mei tai called a Frankenkozy. The versatility (front, back, or side wearing) and broad straps to distribute the weight of the little angel appealed to me. So off I went to the fabric store!

Once there it was quite comical..one nice thing about the Frankenkozy is you can use fabric of any kind on the outside, including cotton or flannel prints. The strength is in other layers. And of course, once at the store, I was completely overwhelmed by the abundance of choices. What if I picked a pattern she hated? I mean, she was getting a custom-made carrier, but shouldn’t she have some say in the colors? She’s going to be wearing it around all the time! Eek! I circled the store, grabbing things I thought were possible..and ended up with over 12 bolts of good candidates.

Enter brilliant plan.

I lined them up on top of each other in three stacks…and with three clicks of my camera phone and some quick thumb-typing the choices were on their way to Hot Momma! (And no, I didn’t mind the strange looks I was getting at all. People should understand the gravity of such choices.) She wrote back and told me she liked the idea of camo, but that the specific print I had was a bit odd and looked nothing like her husband’s camo. Living on base this would, of course, drive her insane. (I am anal-retentive. I tend towards friends who are, too.) So I circled the store again..and again..and again..taking pictures of every bolt or scrap of camo I could find. Finally we settled on one that looked pretty good, and with a bit more chatting to select the base material I had my fabrics!

Next came the cutting and sewing. It was an interesting undertaking, because I had never sewed pleats before. Lots of trial and error there! Lots of pleating, ironing out the pleats, making them go the other way, ironing them back out, making them go the first way again… After I got that figured out it was just a quick trip ’round with the machine, and the Frankenkozy was born!

I think it turned out pretty good:

Hot Momma and her adorable baby in the Frankenkozy

I love her adorable son’s head poking out over the top of the carrier since the head flap is turned down. So inquisitive!

She reports that it’s quite comfy to wear, and she likes it ’cause if her baby falls asleep she can comfortably stand or sit without disturbing him. Win-win!

It was purty darn easy to make, even easier if you aren’t the perfectionist I am, so if you’re looking for a baby gift try this one out!



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2 responses to “Writer’s Workshop – Craft Time!

  1. dropping by from Mama Kat’s…so cute!!

  2. stu pidasso

    Bravo! We used a sling with my two and it was awesome. Never minded being the nurturing dad type at all. lasted to short a period of time. awww, memories! Thanks!

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