Size does matter

My phone is dying. I am sorry to see it go, it has been a great little phone. I have thoroughly enjoyed its company for two full years, now. It has been reliable, and grew with me through my introduction to and then obsession with texting. Though its keys cracked, it kept going strong. But now, with the space key barely functioning, its time has finally come. Let us all bow our heads in a moment of silence for this brave gadget.

The Sony Ericsson w580i

OK, enough of that.

Now, on to the new.

I am slightly in love with this phone:

HTC Tilt2

It is a freaking computer. It is a smart phone, with e-mail and such, but it also lets me work on word documents and the like…and such capability would be verrrrrrrrry nice for Companions. All of that capability would be very nice! It has a full qwerty keyboard with giant keys, a big, beautiful screen which also works in portrait or landscape as a touch screen (also with qwerty keyboards), a calendar that will alert you to appointments (SO NICE FOR COMPANIONS!). I want this phone.I want this phone a lot.

The only problem, it’s not a “little” phone like the last one. It’s a monster. The same size as the iPhone. So too big for my jeans pocket (where I carry my phone now). It fits in most coat pockets…but there are these seasons called “spring” and “summer,” not to mention “indoors.” It works in a purse..but..when I’m doing a lot of things like working or dog training I don’t carry my purse. My waistline is already naturally expanding, I don’t need to help it out with a big phone on a “belt” clip.

So how the heck would I carry it??


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3 responses to “Size does matter

  1. Pandora

    Well that looks kewl. :-D
    Just to let you know, if it actually is the size of the iphone then it should fit into most girl size pockets. Mine does. Even fits in the pockets of my dress pants (although it is REALLY obvious). It is kinda monstrous but it is workable.

    <3 you.

    • Hmmm…It *is* the size of the iPhone, almost exactly. Last night I tried to put Nathan’s iPhone in my pocket and it wouldn’t go. Then again I WAS sitting down ’cause I felt like $*^#…so maybe worth another try. But don’t you carry your phone in your back pockets? I prefer to use my front..I’m always afraid I’ll lose it out of my back :P

  2. Jen

    I don’t know how you’d carry it, but if I were you, I’d figure it out!!! I think I have phone envy. . . :)

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