Phones, phones, phones!

OK, I give in. I am getting a smart phone. I did not want to get a smart phone. I wanted the internet, but basic internet would be fine, just e-mail and facebook. I wanted a QWERTY keyboard, because I text a lot and I want to be able to blog. And I wanted a good calendar app for Companions purposes. But I can get that w/o a smart phone. Right?

Not so much.

Plus smart phones are so shiny!

The hubby has a smart phone, my friends all have smart phones, and they have oh-so-many apps that will be nice for business purposes. So I give in.

Now to choose one!

I am still in love with the HTC Tilt2

The subject of my dreams

Look at that! Is it not beautiful? Look at the giant QWERTY keyboard (in addition to the two on-screen keyboards available)! Look at the beautiful screen! I love the today screen, that shows you everything you have going on for the day. No missing appointments! The full calendar app is amazing.  The internet is gorgeous. The main screen is touch, and it actually works really well for me (though everyone else badmouths it). And I really love how the screen can tilt up to look more like a tiny laptop. Mmm… Biggest drawback? It’s a Windows Mobile phone, so there aren’t lots of apps available for it…which is fun for smart phones.

I’d pretty much decided to go with this phone.  And find..some carry it. It is the only smart phone AT&T currently carries that I would consider.

I went to look at it today and compare it to a non-smart phone I was debating, the Motorola Karma

It's so small!

It’s so tiny, but still with a full QWERTY! Surprisingly big screen, html browser…for a non-smart phone this one definitely wins. HOWEVER…it’s getting discontinued. So I can’t try it out. And it’s the only non-smart phone I’d really consider. Hence, smart phone time.

It’s being replaced with this:


The “Backflip.” So named because when it folds shut the touch screen is exposed on one side…and the QWERTY keyboard is exposed on the back. So the part that is actually closed off and protected is..basically..empty. wtcrap?? Weirdest design move ever. The people at the AT&T store are super excited about it, it’s the first Android phone AT&T will carry and they all seemed to think it was really cool. I think it’s weird. Werid weird weird. See, the whole reason I like slider phones is that the keys are protected when it’s shut. Less damage, less opportunity to accidentally do things while it’s in your pocket. But this phone DOUBLES your ability to accidentally push buttons. I do. Not. Understand. I will go back tomorrow and try it out (it officially comes out tomorrow, so they wouldn’t let me see it today though they’d played with it). But I cannot imagine liking the design.

What I might like is that it’s an android phone, meaning it’s operating system is by google and that there are lots of apps for it. AT&T will be releasing 5 android phones in the first half of the year (supposedly), so if I like the OS I might wait to see what else comes out. But I’m kinda picky, I want a slider (or possibly flip) phone with a full physical QWERTY keyboard, and most smart phones do not fit that criteria. None of the new HTC phones look like they will, which is sad. Hummmmmm…

I am kinda stuck with AT&T. A smart phone is already ridiculously expensive. But I save money by being on a family plan with my hubby. If I go to another…say…Sprint (who supposedly has amazing 3G/4G coverage) the price would go way up. …I think. Must look into how the bill breaks down more. ’cause if I want an Android…or even just a larger number of palatable options…I probably don’t want AT&T!

I realize what phone to get is not a huge decision in the scheme of things. I am very grateful I can AFFORD a smart phone (things like this are much of why I am sticking it out at my day job even though it is killing me). But I do carry my phone with me all the time, I do use it regularly all day, and I do want a good one for Companions purposes. I’m tired of having to call others to have them look things up for me when I am out and need Companions info ASAP. Plus I get a phone and use it for 2 years, so I don’t want to end up stuck with one I hate. I’ve been there. It sucked.

So now the question is…what to do? Anyone out there have (non-iPhone) smart phones they like? Or don’t like? I’d love input!


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