Back to work…

Back to work tomorrow.


I recognize this is petty.

I recognize this is childish.

I recognize everyone goes through this and very few people actually like their work and look forward to Monday.

But holy hell.

I am catching myself being passive aggressive against myself. Ever do that? I do it when I am stressed/upset about something outside of my control. I do things like I am right now: before I go to bed I need to bathe the puppy. After bathing the puppy he needs about an hour to dry off before we can go to bed.

I am exhausted. I was practically crying from exhaustion earlier today (yes, after 14.5+ hours two nights ago and 9+ hours last night and no, I’m not sleeping too much) so the hubby sent me up to take a 30 minute nap. Then we went out to something we’d agreed to do. Now we’re home. I should be in bed RIGHT NOW. 9PM is my normal bedtime so I can try to have a week where I do more than stumble through. But what have I been doing for the last hour I’ve been home? Washing the puppy and waiting for him to dry so we could go to bed now?


Sitting here surfing the net, reading blogs, doing things I don’t even want to do just to passive-aggressively avoid doing a chore I kind of enjoy so I can go to bed like my exhuasted body is begging me to.

But if I go to bed, then when I get up I have to go to work.

So I’ll show that job!

I’ll stay up!

That’ll learn it!


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