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I have noticed a SHARP decrease in people visiting my blog this week. As in, an average day has fewer than half of the visitors than it did last week or the week before.

WordPress tells me I have 3 e-mail subscribers. However, I learned last night when my hubby signed up to follow me via a reader, it does not tell me when people do that. And because of people like Corey who express their distaste of clicking out of a reader, I have my blog set up so you can get the full article in your reader. No need to actually visit my site.

So there are two possible conclusions I can draw from my sudden drop in readership.

1) I have been declared boring and/or whiny (understandable) and thus fewer people are reading. (This theory is supported by the lack of comments on my posts)

2) I am so darn amazing all the friendly people in my computer added me to their reader and thus no longer come over to visit. (This theory is supported by my desires)

Is it sad that I am considering forcing people to click out of the reader so I can figure out which it is?

Yes, it is.

Glad we cleared that up.


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5 responses to “Blog views

  1. Erica

    You certainly aren’t boring. I actually get the full post via email so I don’t have to actually visit your site (because I am extraordinarily lazy apparently) unless I’m making comments. I definitely read all your posts though. :D I’ll make an effort to stop by and comment more often though. :poke!:

  2. I’m with Erica!! I do get the full post via email (which goes to my crackberry) and I read there. I definitely do still visit periodically to make sure I don’t miss anything, or if I want to comment!! :)

  3. Do it! Make ’em click out! How can you possibly get comment love if they don’t click out?

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