T-shirts *giggle*

I just came across Snorg Tees, and they are frikkin hilarious! I wish I still had time to wear t-shirts, but it is so rare I am not either 1) going to my day job, in slacks and heels, which a t-shirt would just clash with or 2) meeting with a training client..and trying to look LESS like a 16-year-old (people always tell me I’ll be grateful for this when I get older. Except that my mom tells me she looked like a teenager til all of a sudden she looked older than she was. So I hope that’s not the case. But hey, to me she still looks 30 (Love you, mom!)). So I simply cannot justify buying shirts I could almost never wear.

I can still laugh at them, though!

Disclaimer: Snorg Tees does not know I exist. I have received no swag for the free advertising I am doling out (hint, hint, if y’all ever find me).

To open with, AMEN:

Seriously, I thought learning cursive was the most pointless waste of time EVER. I have never used it. I resented it all through third grade. Yes, I hold grudges.

Some more random hilarity:

Essie, you with me?

These next two make me think of my bestest bud and engineering co-sufferer:

They sound much like conversations we often had…

This is how much I knew about sports before I met my hubby. In an interesting coincidence, this is how much I wish I still knew about sports! (Just kidding, love you, hubby!)

Now, I am a nerd, so I’ve gotta throw in some math love:

Is it just me, or does this look like a better premise for a movie?

This elicited a literal facepalm.

If you didn’t get those, don’t worry. I don’t get either of these last two:



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One response to “T-shirts *giggle*

  1. I keep forgetting to leave a comment here…

    I love these shirts. :-D Maybe I’ll pick some of them up.

    And I’m pretty sure we did say some of that sometime.

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