Pretty good day

Today was a generally happy day. Not much serious going on, some casual fun.

Started out by heading to the dog show. I got there just in time (thanks to my hubby driving me right to the door) to watch a former student compete in conformation with the dog who was in my class. She was so happy to have me there, she lives alone and I don’t think she usually has anyone rooting for her, and that just made it even MORE fun. Me being me, I was afraid of how she’d react to me showing up, if she thought I was just being pushy…because…you know…that makes sense… Her dog didn’t win, but he did well, and it was fun! Then I watched some agility and rally (which was a big confidence-booster, let me tell you!) and visited all the vendors. I learned from a free chiropractice let-us-find-something-wrong-so-you-will-come-buy-our-services back check that my spine leans a fair amount to the right, and that all of my body (shoulder, hips, wherever else they measured) are also slanted that way. When I first showed up and filled out their little form the guy looked at all the kinds of back/neck pain and dizziness I’d marked as experiencing in the last 6 months (6 months? Try 6 days!) and didn’t believe that I hadn’t had trauma in my past (Are you sure? Maybe when  you were a kid you fell off the monkey-bars?) Then he looked at my spine and was like..oh..ok..yeah, if you are so tense your body is twisted like this all the time, all those symptoms don’t surprise me anymore. Mmm, awesome. My hubby gave me a 1 hour massage for Christmas. I need to find the time to USE IT! Anyhoo, watched dogs compete, petted lots of puppies, had a good time.

Got home in the afternoon inspired to work with my puppy so we can actually compete in rally! I mean, if the people at the show were doing it, we can totally do it, with just a little more work. The novice class was..well..full of novices. Here, how ’bout I say it this way: I’m no longer afraid of making a fool of myself. So I found a place to download the rally signs for free and sent them to Kinkos to get printed up, grabbed my book of practice rally courses, and headed outside with the puppy! We walked one pattern repeatedly, worked on some basic skills, and I could see him improve a lot. Then I set up his agility jump and we practiced that awhile, with him getting really excited. I love seeing that :-) Later we headed out for another rally session.

This was huge for me. I usually don’t get off my butt to go outside and work with fact..this is the first time I have. We’ve done some basic work in the hallway, but it’s not even comparable. I feel good when I do, but I never do. Now it’s getting light earlier (damn you, daylight savings time, for taking this away!!!), warming up, and being less rainy, so hopefully I’ll keep up the training.

While I was working on jumping with Toby, a new client called! This made me VERY happy, because if you remember, after a sudden spurt of business growth I have had noone call me in weeks. I postponed my new class from starting last Thursday to this Thursday..still no one is signed up. Trying to not worry and hope someone will come, if not, I’ll take these 6 weeks off! Well, from teaching that extra class. I still have 4 other group students, it will work out! So anyway, new client, meeting her Saturday, told me she’s going to buy the three sessions to start and possibly upgrade to six. Wahoo! Lots ‘o’ income!

Just got back from another evening walk with my hubby and puppy. Lovely. These crisp evenings with no rain have been so nice. Current step count: 5,513! And I’ll be up and moving around here, soon, because I’m actually going to cook dinner. This does not happen. I can’t remember how I was routed to the CrazyBeloved blog, but I came across this recipe there that I’m going to try out. I’m trying to cook more so that 1) I eat healthier (I don’t care if it has ground beef, sour cream, and cheese, it’s still healthier than ordering pizza or eating all pre-processed foods) and 2) I can save money by taking leftovers to lunch rather than buying at the obscene downtown Seattle prices. Usually, this means my hubby cooks (yes, ladies, I am that lucky) but tonight I volunteered.

Of course, he’s still going out and getting the ingredients while I blog.

All-in-all, good day. The only downside being the overriding exhaustion. I had another night when I could.not.sleep. It is so frustrating to lay down for the night, ready to take care of your body like you know it needs, and have it refuse to be taken care of. Wait…I think maybe my body is RAD! Defiant, refuses to listen to instruction, won’t accept comfort or do things it wants if I want them..yup…that describes my body!

Please, just let me sleep well tonight. I have now been chronically exhausted, barely able to talk, for 2.5 weeks. I was babbling on the phone with the client. I have made large mistakes at work. And it’s hard to enjoy anything when you just want to sleep.

Sleep, body, sleep.


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