Major life change

I have been contemplating leaving my job for awhile. Before the year’s out, I expect to be gone. There are good parts, but I just can’t handle it, so I need to get out.

I have been trying to figure out what to do next. My degrees aren’t good for much else, so it’s mostly jobs that don’t require degrees I’m contemplating. It’d be hard to go from making $25/hour to $10/hour..though I would for the ability to do more than get through life.

But I’ve also been thinking to my strengths. What should I do?

Work in a doggie daycare, vets office, or other dog-related location?

Work in a bookstore or library?

And then it came to me..something I’ve wanted to do for ages..something I really wanted to major in, but couldn’t work out with engineering at the same time..something I did in high school and then re-touched on in college a little..something I did in another capacity all through college..something I have loved every time I do it.


Much of why I love dog training is that it is, essentially, teaching.

I volunteered teaching deaf children part-time in high school, and then worked as a deaf-ed substitute in college. I also volunteered at a deaf-ed classroom in college.

I taught physics labs all through college. I also spent a lot of time tutoring people in the “math lab,” where students could go to get math help. I wasn’t one of the official tutors (a.k.a. I got no $$) but when I was in there doing my homework I’d take breaks to teach other people concepts.

All through my busy life, I have been happy to take time for teaching. It rejuvinates me.

I have always been complimented on my ability to explain things by people who I’m working with. And as I’ve said, I love aha moments.

There are teacher training programs that start this summer and end next summer. Under a year in length. And then I’m certified. To teach high school mathematics.

Shorter days. More turnover during the day. More work that is done at home at my own pace (grading, lesson planning). Summers off (or working less). When I have kids, if I go back to it, it works well.

And I love it. Every time I have done it, I love it.

It’s not perfect. There are lame things about it. The politics suck. Classes can be a giant pain. But I think I could be happy.

And in certain programs, the year-long program is paid for entirely by a loan, which I do not have to pay back if I teach for the state for two years.

So now I have to decide…quickly…am I going to pursue this?



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3 responses to “Major life change

  1. Sweetie, if it makes you happy then you should definitely do it.

    I didn’t know that you could get certified so quickly. That’s awesome!

    I hope everything works out for you. :) <3

  2. Oh girl!! You make how much as a structural engineer?? You said you’re in Seattle, right?? If that is indeed your ACTUAL rate, I’d be gone too!! (Like I said, I’m an accountant working for an multi-disciplined engineering firm.) That’s simply way too much stress for such peanuts.

    I don’t know much about Social Anxiety Disorder which you indicate in your blurb up at the top. Could that have the potential to hurt your possibilities of teaching? I will say that the most influential people in my life have been teachers. Keep in mind that you can teach Physics and other sciences as well! You’re very diversified which will help you on the job-search side.

    I’m rooting for you kid…whichever way you decide!

    • Yeeeeah, my pay SUCKS. See, the thing is, I got hired on to this small company at a low pay rate, literally the lowest of anyone I knew in my graduating class. By a lot. But OK, good bonuses and raises, right? Not so much. First review, no raise, hadn’t been a full year. After that, economy nose-dived. No one in the company has gotten a raise, since. Which sucks for everyone. But traditionally, new engineers are hired on low with a gentleman’s understanding that in a year you get a pretty good raise, because you’re out of being trained as much. Didn’t happen. So while I’m HAPPY to have a job, and I know it’s better than what a lot of people still makes me pissy. And it’s WAY too much stress!

      The thing with SAD, at least for me, is the anxiety is way less when I have a very defined role I’m comfortable in. I have no problem teaching my training classes or meeting with clients, now that I’m confident about what I’m doing. I could never act in a play, but I have stood up right by the stage and interpreted then. And so on. And when it’s with kids, I just don’t care :P I do to some extent, but a more normal extent. So, ironically, for me, teaching something I’m confident in is actually good for negating SAD.

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