Teaser Tuesday

Mmmm, a meme about reading. And it’s easy. All over that.

In short, you grab whatever book you’re reading, flip to a random page, and give us two sentences out of it. No spoilers unless you warn! No spoilers here.

I’m currently reading The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. Very interesting thus far. It’s a sci-fi book..about a Jesuit mission trip. So, well, the trip is to another planet.  Short review to come when I’m done, hopefully before the next Teaser Tuesday, but I’ve been slow as of late.

And now: on to the quote!

“Shit, Emilio, I don’t know–maybe God is as real for you as George and I are for each other…We were barely twenty when we got married, back before the Earth’s crust cooled. And believe me, nobody gets through forty years together without noticing a few attractive alternatives along the way.”

These lines are on pg. 41. No, I did not count the “…” as the end of a sentence. I like the whole quote. Sue me.

So there you have it! Click on the meme’s picture to play along!

As always, book recommendations directly to me are welcome :-)


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2 responses to “Teaser Tuesday

  1. I hope that you enjoy your book. Here’s mine.

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