It feels like Friday.

I DO NOT want to go to work tomorrow.

Today was only a 7 hour day and it would. Not. End.

*whine* *whine* *temper tantrum* *whine*

So I am being passive aggressive against myself and not going to bed, even though I’ve decided to at least 3 times in the last 45 minute.

On the up side, Toby and I started our new (more advanced) agility class today. He did awesome. Awesome. I think the warmth + light is really helping him out. That and practice. Once a week is better than nonce a week! It feels good to succeed at something.

Getting closer to quitting my crappy, poorly-paying job every. Day. Cannot wait. Oh happiness…I have forgotten what it is to experience you…please come back.

Also, been bad about updating on my steps. Also been bad about getting my steps. Two nights ago I got home and the hubby sent me to bed 45 minutes later (at 8:30) because I have been so freaking tired. Of course, then we talked til 10:30, but it was good, about some stuff we needed to get talked out (aka “Can I really quit? Really? You won’t be mad? Really?”). So no walking. Only 3,206 steps. If it helps, much of that was with a ginormous bag on my shoulder, as I walked l.o.n.g distances to find a bus stop that was actually open (they closed multiple bus stops on my route. Back-to-back stops. With no signage or announcement beforehand. Causing me to miss the last bus as I searched for a place to get on it.)

Yesterday I was a good girl. Went out and got my walk. Barely. 5,035 steps. Woo-hoo!

Today, not so much. Tired, down day. (Even with agility. I hate how these stupid depressions are not necessarily TRIGGERED by anything, so I can have a great hour and still for no reason go crashing down shortly thereafter while doing things I enjoy. I know it is stupid. Does that matter? No. That’s why it’s “depression” and not “sadness.”) But still, for a day without a booster walk, I done good. 4,335. Not bad. My average is s.l.o.w.l.y increasing. Or so I’d like to think.

Now I can’t stay up any longer. Must crawl up to bed. And try to find the part of me that cares enough to set an alarm.

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