Possible partnership..?

There’s a new doggy daycare going in to the shopping center where I have my training space. I got the phone number of the woman opening it from the property manager and just gave her a call. We had a really nice chat, and she was very excited about possibly cross-promoting, especially when I told her she was welcome to take a class for free to see how I train (hey, you’re more likely to promote it whole-heartedly if you have experienced it!).

And then I took a deep breath and offered what I was a bit nervous about.

“And I know a lot of doggy daycares in the area will offer training as an added service owners can buy while their dogs are there. If you’d ever get to the point where you’d be interested in doing that I’d love to set something up with you.”

*bite lip* *hold breath*

Really? You’d be up for that?? Yeah! That sounds great!!”


That could be a big deal for me. A steady stream of new clients, or continuing clients, who come to a doggy daycare. They type of owners who love their dogs enough to take them to a daycare are likely to be the type who love them enough to talk with other dog owners, so more opportunities for word-of-mouth spreading. I just get to work with the dogs directly (read: they get trained a lot faster and it’s a lot less work for me) and then provide summaries to the people or do quick transfer-of-knowledge sessions with them. And it’s a bunch of “private” clients at private(ish) rates without the long drive to their home on either end. A nice, steady source of such income, even if it’s small, would. be. amazing.

Here’s to hoping that really works out.

But either way, even if it’s just cross-referring business, it sounds like this could be an awesome partnership :-D


After about 4 weeks of no one signing up for a group class and having to cancel one, I just got my first clients to sign up for my next one (which starts in two weeks).



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6 responses to “Possible partnership..?

  1. Hey Honey,

    That’s AWESOME news!!!

    I’m so happy for you. SOO happy in fact I gave you the Happy 101 Award!

    Come get it!


  2. Yay! That is great! I hope that the partnership idea works out. :)

  3. That sounds like the perfect partnership! Good luck with everything!

  4. lol oops i wasn’t done writing my last comment and accidently hit enter! :) anyway, i was going to say what a fun job you must have! i took my Amira through a class at PetCo, and and working on my hubby to take Layla now that she’s a little older. :)

    • Haha, I’ve done that :-P It IS the best job ever, I am constantly amazed that people will pay me to do what I love best in the world.

      As my own little plug, look for local independent trainers in your area for group classes, too! Classes are often smaller than Petco’s and the trainers are almost always (certainly around here) much better trained themselves.

      I have a mastiff puppy in a class right now and she is adorable. She kind of reminds me of a big Layla. Makes me smile every time I see her :-)

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