Don’t judge me.

I may have stayed up until 11:30 last night reading this book.

But in my defense, I never ever wanted to read it.

My friend nagged me to.

And nagged me.

And then sent it to me for Christmas.

And it’s been sitting there, staring at me.

With her voice saying, “I spent money to buy this for you, you have to read it for me.”

So I finally picked it up, to silence her little voice in my head to just “give it a try.”

After 50 pages I was so disgusted by the whininess I almost threw it down.

And it’s suuuuuch brain candy, takes no time to read, has nothing of value, very simple writing.

But I kept going.

And now…I’m 350 pages in…and addicted.

And the book…I almost can’t bring myself to say it…the book…is….

Don’t judge me….I’m so ashamed…


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  1. watchingthewaters


    It’s my 14 year olds dirty little secret too.

    She’d be mortified that I told.

    • Hahaha, I am so embarassed to read it on the bus! I try to keep the cover..well..covered!

      If not for my friend I never would have gotten past the beginning. Seriously, I was SO DISGUSTED for the first bit.

      But now…what can I say? I’m a sucker for romance. Even if it is stupid, oversimplified, unreasonable romance that in no way stands up to any kind of thinking. There are times it’s nice not to think…

  2. Erica


    Lol. The first one wasn’t so bad. But I couldn’t make it through the second. I just couldn’t listen to another chapter of her life being worthless. :sigh: I can see the appeal of the books though.

    Just remember your roots. I won’t let these twilight books steal away your brain from the good things.

    • Ha, we’ll see. I still hate the main character. She is so dang whiny and passive. But for’s interesting. And I’ve been reading non-fiction and serious fiction. This is candy. Candy!

      I will never forget my roots. Twilight will never be a Kushiel or a Black Jewels, or even a Sword of Truth. Never.

      But look on the upside. Maybe this will get me past the first of that other vampire series you really like. Read the first, couldn’t get into it. But I hear there’s some great…*cough*..”romance” scenes in later books…

      Speaking of which, you should read The Sparrow. It was really good. You should also read………..thinking…what was it called….a series I read recently and wanted to recommend to you…The Dragon Prince trilogy by Melanie Rawn. Definitely the best new fantasy series I’ve found in awhile (new as in not a re-read for me).

  3. Hahaha! I still won’t read them or watch the movies! I refuse to get sucked in! LOL

  4. That is EXACTLY how it happened to me….I didn’t want to read it…I refused to read it….Then I decided to shut them all up and just read the stupid thing. I’ve now read the entire series four times and could still read it another time. It’s scary how addicting it is.

  5. I’m afraid I’m addicted too…

    I’m a Fantasy buff through and through, but just hadn’t gone there until about a year ago, I REFUSED! Then my daughter and I went to see the movie…

    That was the end of me.

    I’ve now read the entire series through about twelve times. TWELVE!

    I LOVED it. And I’m NOT ashamed!

    • Ooooh, you’re a fantasy buff?? Me too! What do you like? Always looking for recommendations!

      I refuse to see the movie. REFUSE. I mean, even good movie versions of books upset me, I am enjoying the book, no need to ruin it :P

      Hehe, glad you’re not ashamed by Twilight. Only Trueblood :-)

      • LOL! Yeah, you got me on that one!

        I just got so caught up in the whole Twilight Universe, it felt a bit like crossing-over y’know?

        Anyway, I’m past the initial 3 TrueBlood books and on to #4, the first 1 annoyed me. Dirty writing style, unpolished, and scatterbrained… But I LOVED the characters, so kept going. 2&3 hooked me a bit more… and I’m actually really enjoying #4. The Author has cleaned up her act a lot, and I’m finding it much easier to read without cringing at every second sentence.

        OH MY GOD!!! Look at me, the critic! The anality of those last few comments astounds even me!

        Anyway. Have you read any Raymond E Feist?

        His Riftwar Cycle series is brilliant. Full-bodied, well rounded characters, great settings, with a fast paced mood and plots that keep you coming back for more.

        I read the first book, The Magician – which starts out in a village called Crydee, in a World called Midkemia – when I was in high school, and I haven’t been able to put them down since. I re-read every few years, and he’s always coming out with a new sub-plotted book to supplement the series, sometimes moving the story forwards, sometimes taking us back to learn more about a central characters life before the initial story took place.

        Needless to say, I’m kinda in love with the man!

        Here’s his website anyway.

        And the series. There are 26 released books in the series to date, with a further 3 to be released in the next 3 years. And I’m sure he won’t stop there.

        I’d LOVE to hear back what you think!

      • Brea-

        Oooh, I shall add it to my list! Though TWENTY-SIX BOOKS?? That’s INSANE! One of my favorite series has 13, I thought that was nuts!

        It sounds like you might like The Black Jewels Trilogy. Nothing so steamy as what I hear about TrueBlood, but a great love story and some of the best characterization I have ever read. Amazing. One of my three favorite series.

        I appreciate your anality-ness :P Good to know! ’cause I read the first TrueBlood and went, “Um…no.” I’m not even sure if I got through the first. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. I know my bestest bud loves them.

        You’ll be happy to know that on my way to the bus today I stopped by Barnes & Noble and bought the next Twilight book. Because I finished the first over lunch. And so, of course, I needed the second…yes needed…don’t look at me like that! ;-)

      • Eileen,

        Good for you! And don’t let anyone tell you different!

        I’m not (USUALLY) a book snob at all. I’ll pretty much pick up anything and give it a go. (Well… Except Mills and Boon. My Mum had hundreds of them. I just can’t bring myself to do it!)

        I’ve not heard of The Black Jewels Trilogy, it sounds as though we might have similar tastes Genre-wise so I’ll have to give them a go.

        As for The Riftwar Cycle, trust me, you get SOO totally caught up in the Worlds that Feist creates that you don’t even realise how many books you have read, you just keep wanting to know what is happening/has happened/is going to happen next.

        I have an old battered copy of Magician if you’d like to try-before-you-buy. I could send it to you? If not… I’m not sure how anal you are about your books (mine generally have to be pristine, yeah, I KNOW), but you can usually get a bulk set on ebay for fairly cheap to test the waters.

        Have a look here:

        She has them listed in the wrong order, and there’s an extra book that is not one of the series, but it’s a good start.

        The site I gave you in my earlier comment gives you the reading order anyway.

        OMG! Obsessed much?! LOL sorry! Just ignore me, I kinda ramble on when it comes to my favourite books.

        Happy reading.

      • *snort* I am totally the same way :-) You have a kindred spirit here! You cannot ramble too much when it comes to good books!

        I’m a book snob. Total book snob. I’ll try lots, and I’ll even read through them, but as of right now there are three series I feel confident recommending, and them only to the right people. I like my books very, very good :-)

        Oh, I believe it about the number! It might kill me that it’s not DONE but that’s OK :-) It is on my list to try…things can stay there for quite awhile but I do get to them all!

        I’m pretty anal about my books, too…and I don’t mind buying them (plus shipping to the US would probably be close to the cost of the books :P )..have I mentioned one of our spare bedrooms is a “library”? I have 4 bookshelves with 7 shelves each. *cough* Obsessed *cough* They’re not full..but..I’m working on it! :-) Good thought on ebay, though, I don’t mind buying used, as long as they’re in good-ish condition, but then they have to be MINE. My hubby spilled something on the first Kushiel book (one of my FAVORITE series) and he was like, “I’m so sorry, I’ll replace it!” and I was just like, “NO! I want THIS one! This is the one I read!” (I spent the evening washing each page separately in the sink to get the oil out. It isn’t too bad now :P )

        ANYWAY, long story short, I will definitely try them, thanks for the tip!!

  6. That is EXACTLY what happened to me….I read the book in a matter of like days, ran to blockbuster to see the movie, it sucked by the way, and then started on all the other books, saw New Moon the minute I finished the book, that movie rocked, and I think I read the whole series in a matter of 3 weeks and I can’t wait to see Eclipse. SCARY!!!!

    Now just don’t forget to read Midnight Sun, the Twilight book told from Edward’s perspective…you can find that one online! Happy Reading! haha

  7. I haven’t met anyone able to resist the Cullens yet – once they’ve started, that is. I was a non-believer too – until about page 100. Then 2 weeks later, all four were devoured and I was so sad to have finished them.

    • It’s amazing. They’re billed as “for 13 year old girls” and..I’m sure 13 year old girls would love them..’cause that’s when all the romance-stuff starts being really interesting to us/them.

      But it’s also because it’s one of the few REALLY WELL-WRITTEN romance stories that are APPROPRIATE for 13 year old girls. No blatant sex scenes. Rare!

      Jeeze, I can’t even believe how much I love these books. But I DO. It is killing me having it sit next to me here…and not reading it…and I already know everything that happens!

  8. I love that you wrote a similar post to mine!!! I’m nervous for the 2nd book because I heart Edward so much, I don’t even want to entertain the idea of Jacob…. It’s like cheating! I have about 30 pages left of the 1st, I couldn’t keep my eyes open another minute last night because I stayed up the night before, reading it!

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