I am looking to buy the last Twilight book. (No judging, remember?) I bought the third one yesterday. And I might *cough* have just finished it. So clearly I NEED the fourth.

So what is this I see about the paperback version being available August 3rd?


See, I have a thing about my books. Any books in one series must match, if at all possible.

So if I have the first three Twilight books in paperback, I need the fourth in the SAME paperback version. Same dimension, same type of cover art.

I cannot have 3 in paperback and 1 in hardcover! That would just be CRAZY!

On of my absolute favorite series (Kushiel) just recently finished its second trilogy. And by “recently” I mean “over a year after release that I read the final book” because first the books were always released in hardcover. And I refused to buy the hardcover. So I put off reading, I put off the resolution, I put off knowing what happened to characters so real it felt like I had met them, to wait for the paperback version to come out.

But now..NOW…Twilight? I mean, if I’d read them one-at-a-time and been waiting for the last anyway I’d wait the extra, but having just burned through the first three in four days (What? I read fast!) and knowing there’s just one left and it exists I need to read it.


What do I do?

Could someone please tell me I’m wrong about the paperback thing? Just let me know where to find the right version?

I’m off to frantically search some more and deal with this crisis…


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3 responses to “NOW WAIT A MINUTE!

  1. watchingthewaters

    Library. You can buy the paperback to match later.

    • But unfortunately, I have a bigger thing about owning the actual copy I read :P I would never buy a book later just to match…it’s not the one that I went through. It would feel..empty.

      I realize this makes no sense. It drives my husband nuts. :-P

      No, I think I will have to bite the bullet and buy a mismatched book. Which is OK. It happens occasionally when my obsession strikes…

  2. You know my penchant for books is pretty much akin to yours honey. So having said that, may I suggest ebay?

    You will be able to find the paperback copy there, NEW, for a reasonable price. And you’ll only have to wait a few days.

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