Random Tuesday Thoughts (shhhhh!)

I am going to follow the lead set over at Tiptoeing Through the Tulips and participate (for the first time!) in Random Tuesday Thoughts…on Monday.

I’m busy. I’m tired. I have a bunch of random thoughts. And besides, Too True Tuesday is going on tomorrow. (Essie, I get way too excited about this!)

So, without further ado:

First, I’m very excited that today I got my first interview request from a job I applied to! Even better, I just applied to this job last night, so I’m EXTRA excited given that! It’s a job teaching small groups of ~ 3 students at a study center (evidently people actually use them, who knew?), the possibilities of which I’m cautiously very eager about. I love teaching, as I mentioned before, and they supposed minimum pay is about 75% what I’m making now. So if that works out, it would be amazing!


There are many things I could be teaching, including SAT prep. Given this, when they wrote me to request an interview (yes, they WROTE! I love these people!) they told me I would have to take the SAT after the interview. So now it’s SAT, take two!


There are so many things I want to do in life. The first is going to have to be finding the energy to do all the others. :P


One of the things I’d love to do is therapy dog work. I have wanted to do this since I was about 13, but kids aren’t allowed to. Now I will actually have time…in theory. I’m going to MAKE SURE I have time so I can do this!


I don’t understand people acting crazy. But I really don’t understand people defending people who are acting crazy. I know there are always people who are on fringes and do messed up things like screaming “nigger” and “faggot” at congressmen and threatening to send snipers to kill congressmen’s children…but how can so many mainstream people defend them? When people do crazy things, even if I agree with their stance/motivation I’m going to call them crazy and distance myself from them.

I would just like us to all stop taking sides. All I want for Christmas..but I want it sooner…so how ’bout all I want for Spring is our country holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Figuratively. Though if literally is what it takes, that could be fun, too.


I am so proud of myself. I did not watch TV this weekend! Well, I did for about an hour and a half on Sunday night, but that’s because I was folding laundry and really, that’s far too mindless to do without something else going on.


The REASON I didn’t watch TV this weekend is…..I was busy finishing the Twilight series.

And now for my review. I’m going to group all four books together.

First off, I am a book snob. Total snob. TOTAL snob. There are exactly three series I will heartily recommend. One stand-alone book. And all of them only to audiences I think would appreciate them. So while I read a lot of books, I really like very few. (We are talking fiction here. I don’t have a lot of experience with non-fiction). I’ll casually recommend some, and say they’re fine, because quite honestly, to people who love books, you need lots of material or you eventually get bored, but that doesn’t mean I think they’re amazing.

Now, with that said: I. Loved. Twilight.

The whole series.


And I do not say that easily. If you remember I came to this series kicking and screaming. I did not want to read it. I made fun of one of my bestest buds for liking it. Despite that she sent me a copy of Twilight for Christmas, knowing that if it was sitting around and she pressured me enough, I’d eventually pick it up.

So now I say to her, “Thank you, hot momma!”

Now let me clarify. This series has no deeper meaning. No issues to explore. Nothing to make you think. No value at all.

Except it makes you happy.

And you know what? Sometimes that’s enough.

If all you want is some brain candy..well..this is incredibly well written brain candy, for those who love a good love story. And I do mean a good love story. Don’t think about it too deeply. It’s a love-at-first-sight kind of thing that develops. But if you’ll suspend reality and just accept that such perfection can exist…these books will sweep.you.away. Such a powerful love story.

At first the main character is whiny. Stick with it. By 150 pages in, you will be hooked. If you’re not..you may well never be. But I sure was! At the start of the second book, she is kind of whiny again. But if you’ve been sucked in, you can understand why. And she is trying. After that, she grows up a lot…but she’s still a teenager. And I like that. She’s not perfect. She’s a person. She has flaws. She doesn’t have enough self-confidence. She is bad at bouncing back. She doesn’t always think things through the best. Sound like any teenager you’ve ever heard of? Yeah. But she grows. She develops. And her love story is so. Good.

The world is pretty well-thought-out, and the plot just sucks you in. The books are primarily a love story, and there is other action which gives the rise in tension and resolution in each book. Those are fun, too. And if I haven’t said it enough, love story = amazing. That also develops, it starts out maybe unbelievably strong (to those of you romance-haters out there), but then it grows, they learn each other, they learn to compromise, things continue to develop.

So I will say it with pride now: I love the Twilight series. If you are looking for a deep, “good” book, this isn’t where you want to go. If you want a great, powerful, overall happy escape that doesn’t make you think but just lets you leave where you are and go somewhere amazing, this book is for you. As long as you like romance.

I am currently re-reading it. Finished yesterday, picked up the first one and re-started today. It’s even better this second time through. Makes me wish I had the ability to visualize things (I’m one of those rare people who is not capable of making pictures in her head) because some of these scenes I’d love to play out in my mind. But that’s OK. I’ll just reread them over and over.

If you’ve been holding out, just give them a try. Acknowledge what it is, well-written brain candy, and enjoy it for that. If after 150 pages you don’t, you tried. But this book is for far more than teenage girls, in my opinion.


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7 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts (shhhhh!)

  1. There is a facebook group out there, something to the effect of “Thanks to Edward Cullen I know have unrealistic expectiations of men.” I joined. You should too.
    But scifi girl, have you read The Host? It’s not a bad read but…On behalf of a Twilight series and avid book lover, give yourself a little time before you read anything else. You need to kind of “break up” with the books before you move on. Officially!

    • IT’S SO DAMN TRUE! I toyed with putting something like that in there, but I figured I wouldn’t on behalf of my hubby. But seriously, are things that amazing for ANYONE in the real world? (If they are for you, I don’t think I want to hear about it). Um..hope my hubby doesn’t read the comments :P

      I haven’t! I will look it up! Thanks, love recommendations!

      Oh yes, I know the whole break-up thing. In my few favorite series I always have to have a break up before I can move on. That’s how I can tell they’re one of my favorites :-) I never read another series, always a single book, and one that’s lower-involvement. This time maybe I’ll finish reading through the Delta Society Therapy Dog course first :P

    • Also, in searching for that group (’cause I was curious) I came across the picture of the Edward Cullen in the movie.

      That seals it.

      NOT seeing the movie.

      Eeeeeew. That is NOT a hot guy. I am going to clear that from my mind by reading more about the REAL Edward in my imagination :-D

      • I think by now you know my take on the books.

        I. Adored. Them.

        And now I think you understand WHY I found it SOO hard to even try TrueBlood… As I said in my post, it felt like cheating on a lover…

        I read them through, cover to cover, 12 times. Put down Breaking Dawn, picked up Twilight, and so on…

        You should now read the first few chapters of ‘Midnight Sun: Edward’s Version of Twilight’, it got leaked and Stephenie shelved it, but she put the leaked version on her website. Have a read, it’s fantastic! More depth, what with his telepathy and all…


        Also, you might not have heard, but there is a new book that Stephenie has written called ‘The short second life of Bree Tanner’, the captured new vampire from the Army in Eclipse? It’s my next purchase.


        I fell in love with Edward Cullen too… Didn’t we all? How could you resist such a perfect specimen of manhood, with that level of devotion to you???

        Also… The Host = Fantastic book too.

        Christie – I’m a member of that Facebook group!

  2. Christie is absolutely right. After you’re done with Twilight, give yourself some time to “come down” before attempting another book. I have read the series four times, simply because no other fiction books I’ve read have lived up to it. Edward Cullen is……I don’t know….He just is. And you are right again…Robert Pattinson doesn’t do him even the slightest bit of justice.

    • If you like Twilight, I recommend the Black Jewels Trilogy. Very different, and not for people who are strict about their religious beliefs (fantasy book, different world keep in mind…Satan is a character..and a nice guy…but it’s not a heaven vs. hell thing going on, just an afterlife thing), but it has AMAZING characterization like Twilight. That is one of the only other series I can think of that totally sucked me in in the same way and had me anxiously burning through the pages. It even does it to me on re-reads.

      But I know what you mean about nothing living up to it. That’s what I was trying to get at with there only being a few series I’d recommend whole-heartedly. Black Jewels is one of them. There are other that are fine…but there just aren’t any that can live up to these three…now four..*cough* They’re all different, but for what they each are they are AMAZING. They are the books that I need a grieving period for when I’m done. Even if it’s just a re-read. Every time, need a grieving period.

  3. Not sure I could go a whole weekend without the TV. Good for you.

    Have a great RTT.

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