*grits teeth* I’m thankful, really

My three-lettered friend is




Today I left work at noon. Best decision ever. A bunch of stuff has been building up, and then he opened his mouth and that was IT.

I was talking with someone this evening about this, and she pointed out that there’s always someone like that at work. Which is true. There’s always been one wherever I’ve worked. Usually more than one. What makes this guy harder is that, when I was hired on, there was no one like that in the office. Seriously. All us new folk would talk about how there was really no one you couldn’t get along with in the office. Some people had quirks, but in general, it was awesome.

Then my three-lettered friend was hired on.

And it’s just that much harder, because we were so used to our awesome, relaxed workplace.

On the up side, everyone agrees that he’s a giant pain in the @$$ to work with.

He makes fun of everyone.

He works “dumb and fast,” which is incredibly annoying to all of us younger engineers who are then in the position of challenging him, “handling” him, or explaining to our boss why things aren’t done and/or we went over budget as he has us rework things over and over.

The above also means he sets us up to fail, by giving us tasks that are “just 10 minutes” but, really, take longer. Especially for young engineers.

He always works on a need-to-know basis. Not sure if this is on purpose. But he incessantly withholds essential project information that he doesn’t think those working “for” him need, which has caused much embarassment when my boss asks why I’m not taking x into account.

And on and on.

Normally I can deal. I’ve been dealing for a year.

But this week:

Two of my favorite structural engineers started their indefinite stint working out of our office for a job. A third who I also get along with is with them.

My boss is on vacation.

And yesterday:

Two other structural engineers I really get along with were out.

So to summarize:

6 people gone.

3 people in:


The new guy (hired on a couple weeks ago).

My three-lettered friend.

There was no escape.

I normally deal with him by getting backup, someone to agree I’m right, or someone to override him. He doesn’t like me much (I don’t think) and he hates listening to me, but others tend to agree with me and when they do, he tends to back down.

So. Yesterday. I get in. I’m working on a project for him. I work hard all day on something he gave me to do. As I’m getting ready to go, for the second day in a row, he calls me to his desk and wants to talk, a.k.a. give me something new to do that has to be done right now.

What, you may ask?

Well, there’s a project I finished on Monday. I had 20 hours to do it, it took me 17.5. Another hour or so to organize all the calcs so they could be sent to the client. Yesterday afternoon, he brings the project back up.


Simple. He had done something he was specifically told multiple times by the head of the department not to do. He called me over to brag about doing it successfully. And then, 10 minutes later, to tell me that based on this, I needed to redo all of my work in a new way because of a “problem” he’d found.

A “problem” he had brought up to our boss twice and been told that it didn’t matter. And a “problem” that the new information did nothing to change.

But now our boss was gone, so he wanted me to redo all my work based on his idea of how to circumvent the “problem.”

I flat-out put my foot down and REFUSED to do it. It would be my name on the calcs and my name on the bill that put us overbudget. Which is a big no-no around here.

He didn’t like that.

I was very polite about it. But I reminded him (again) that our boss knew everything he was talking about, and still told me to do the work they way I had. Then I told him that I wasn’t comfortable going so far over budget without at least talking to our boss.

He glared at me and called him.

I managed to keep it together through all that (and everything else that came before).

Today I got in and he wanted me doing it a new way. It was a fast way (in theory). Fine. Whatever. But he kept coming over. And coming over. And I realized that every time I heard his voice my whole body was tensing up. Even when he was talking to someone else. And dealing with him again this morning was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I couldn’t handle it.

I couldn’t keep myself together.

I couldn’t work.

So I finished up the calc and went home.

I hope to god that tomorrow goes better.

Two more days this week, and then my boss is back to override him for me.

I’m trying not to look at this as a bad thing.

You see, when I gave notice I thought I’d be overcome with nostalgia or something as I spent my last days in this place that I’ve really enjoyed being.

But he is making it unbearable.

So really, he’s doing me a favor. He’s making it so.much.easier to leave.

It’s nice of him, really.


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4 responses to “*grits teeth* I’m thankful, really

  1. 3 letter friend? Sounds like a 4 letter friend names P.I.T.A. (Pain In The A$$) and a giant one at that! Glad to hear you went home early!

  2. Oh yeah…every office has one. It just sucks that we ever have to deal with them. There should be a special section of the office or something where we can stick them to work in silence.

    Just keep your countdown going!

  3. wow craziness! sorry for all of that you have to deal with, but you’re right, at least he’s making it easier to leave. :) i used to work in an engineering office as well… they are cool people. :)

  4. You are absolutely right!!! It is YOUR name on the calcs, and the one who would be hit with the E&O. Stand your ground!!!!

    Hang in there kiddo! :)

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