Friday!!! ::dancey::

Woo hoo, time for another installment of all your favorite memes and mine! Let’s just get right down to it, shall we?

Dear lovely student and wife,

I am sorry, and you guys absolutely LOVE me, but you are the first student I’ve been glad to see go. You are so sure of and proud of your pro-Dog-Whisperer stance, and it gets more extreme every day. You will not listen to any other idea, even if I don’t tell you to drop what you’re doing but merely suggest another alternative to try in addition. It was hurting me to watch. Yesterday, at the last session of class, when your dog was barking in class and your wife was poking her in the neck hissing “tssst!” (which you may have noticed had no effect) I had to turn and walk back around the corner. Your story later that night about your dog barking at a group of people and dogs and your response being to physically force her onto the ground (NOT AN ALPHA ROLL despite what Milan says) and pin her on her back, while she fought you viciously for 3 minutes before calming down and “remembering who is in charge” made my stomach clench. I am glad you didn’t get bitten…this time. I hope your dog, who will be 200 pounds full-grown, does not end up euthenized for a bite because of your training viewpoints.

Good luck. I honestly wish the best of luck to you, for your dog’s sake if nothing else.

Discouraged trainer


Dear April,

Welcome! I am so glad you are finally here! I am losing my tenuous grip on sanity a little more every day, and would appreciate if you could just fly by for me. Sound good? Great!

your biggest fan, who wants to see you gone


Dear hubby,

Have fun on  your trip! I will miss you lots and lots the 6 days you’re gone, but I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time. Don’t worry, Toby will take care of me :-)

Love you more than you know,

your wifey


Dear Easter,

It is so nice to forget about you. After having you as such a big part of my life, what with lent and holy week, it is a very freeing feeling to forget you exist this year. Even after you were no longer important to me, I was still very aware of your approach. I just realized this morning, after the hubby was already gone, that the timing of his trip meant I’d be alone for Easter. I love that I don’t care.

I’m sure we’ll be friends again in the future, when my kids would like eggs and candy.

Until then,

your former fan


Dear Twilight movies,

Please don’t suck as much as I’m afraid you will. But what with the hubby gone, you and me have a date this weekend. I swore I would never do it…but I am (thanks a lot, Erin, for putting up the teaser for Eclipse!).

Hopeful soon-to-be viewer


Dear dysthymia,

Please go away. Please. Or just go on vacation until May. Then I can get help to learn how to live with you peacefully. But seriously, Wednesday was scary. And I really don’t want to have to miss any more work due to you. Or anymore activities I love (this time, agility).

your increasingly desperate roommate in this body

OK, well that was fun! Most therapeutic meme ever. Click on the picture and go try it out! On to some happies.

I am happy that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m in my last month!

I am happy that I have a friend to go to the dog beach with.

I am happy that it is the weekend (soon) and I got through another week!

I am happy that I am enjoying my brain candy. There’s a 13-year-old-girl in all of us… (No? Just me?)

I am happy that my puppy loves me.

Phew. OK. Stretching a bit this week. It has been a long one. A looooong one.

One last meme for today:

My question for the week:

If you had a day with no obligations to spend however you wanted, what would you do?

I ask this because I do! Sunday! Hubby’s not home, no clients to meet, just me and the puppy. Hmmm…I think that I shall stay in my pajamas most of the day, watch bad TV and movies, spend a lot of time in bed reading, and eat unhealthy things. Yup, that’s pretty much my ideal day: sloth and gluttony.

How ’bout you?


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8 responses to “Friday!!! ::dancey::

  1. A girl after my own heart.

    My ideal day with no obligations would contain absolutely nothing of worth. PJ’s (maybe), only getting out of bed when I REALLY feel like it, reading, sleeping, eating (if it was truly ideal the food that I want/crave would magically appear in my hands so that I would not have to get up to get it or make it), playing on the interwebs… oh yea. Heaven.

  2. Easy ~ Either go to the Beach of play golf with my hubby or friends!

  3. Catch up on product reviews, watch reruns of Brothers & Sisters, and finish reading my book.

  4. OMGosh, I would watch a great movie and then relax with a good book and a margarita.

    Thanks for the Friday Follow, this is my first time around and boy, I feel like a stalker. lol

    • lol, if it makes you feel better I found you through Aloha Fridays and not Friday Follow ;-)

      But anyone with the blog title “Love my 2 dogs” is going to get some love from me!

  5. Wow, I want to do what you do!!! Sounds very cool, and just the things I’d like to do. HAPPY EASTER!

  6. sloth and gluttony… lol
    Hmmm, I’d probably stick with last weeks answer and go on vacation all the time.
    thanks for playing hhf with me!

  7. East Coast Wahine

    I would not answer my phone or emails!! lol!! Then I’d putter around the house in pj’s or go shopping without my cellphone!

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