My puppy working

The Mrs. requested in the comments of my last post that I put up pictures of my puppy. I used to put up pictures of him non-stop, he even had his own blog for awhile (I helped with the typing). But then, you know, life went insane, and the pictures-going-up thing hasn’t happened so much.

But we did recently make some videos of us working together, to demonstrate things that are taught in a basics class and can be taught in a tricks class. So I’ll share those! Puppy-in-motion, it’s art, I tell you!



Aaaaw, what an adorable fetch-hound!


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3 responses to “My puppy working

  1. Seriously…you need to come train my friends’ dog. ASAP. Shhhh, don’t tell them I said that. Seriously, though, how soon can you get here?

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