Give Away!

OK, I have been wanting to do a give away for quite awhile (you know, ’cause I’ve been blogging so long). I recently won my first give away..I believe my first drawing of any kind..via Corey at Watching the Waters, and it totally made my day. I’ve been wanting to pass on the give away love. And then, today, she announces she’s doing another give away! It’s for the first half of the first season of Glee on DVD, people, you don’t want to miss this one.

And that was just the final inspiring push to get me to do my own.

What to give-away was confounding me for awhile…’cause I’m not sure what is generally appealing to people and small enough to be give-away-able.

Then I figured, screw it. I’m giving away stuff I like. Hopefully there are some others out there who like it, too!

So this give-away is for the first book in each of my three favorite series. Mmmm…books…. I know a lot of people don’t have a lot of time to read, and certainly not for fun..but…if you love it, make time for it! Reading is a lot of my self-care, it’s how I stay sane, so I find chunks of my day to read, even if it’s just 10 mintues before bed. And I’m way more motivated to read if they’re books that have been recommended to me.

Now, to assuage your fears, these books are nothing like Twilight. They all have great plots, great characterization, and truly great love stories. They are not brain candy. They are not aimed at 13-year-old girls.

But like all books, to enjoy them you have to enjoy them for what they are, not what you want them to be. Go to these for fluff, you’ll be disappointed. Go to them for a gripping story that will pull you in and keep you up til 2AM, pulse racing, you’ll be happy :-)

Here’s what’s up for grabs (click the pictures to go to the Amazon page):

This book is not for the faint-hearted. It is set in a world where there are multiple gods, the ones of the main culture somewhat descended from the Christian god. Possible offense one. The main character is a courtesan who does what she does in order to worship a goddess. Possible offense two. She also is marked by another god and thus is destined to find pleasure in pain. Possible offense three. BUT if you can get past all of that you will find a rich fantasy world with incredibly deep characters it is impossible not to feel for. This series is often on lists of the best fantasy series and staff picks in bookstores, and is loved by men and women alike (despite possible initial doubts). And the romance story is AMAZING. The male lead is absolutely 1,000% the perfect man. You will fall in love with him. *sighs dreamily* And it is very, very sexy. This is the first book in a trilogy. Then there is a follow-up trilogy, which is also amazing. Then there is another follow-up trilogy which I am pretending doesn’t exist.

Again, this is a book for the open-minded. As I’ve mentioned, I believe, Satan is a character in this book, and a really nice guy! But this is a totally different world. It is not a heaven-and-hell type of Satan. It is a guardian-of-the-only-afterworld type of Satan. This trilogy follows a young girl as she grows up in a world where those of The Blood can perform magic with varying strengths. She is the most powerful person born…ever. Again, in-cred-i-ble characterization, and a great, great love story. Very interesting world, which definitely has sex as an important part, but this book does not go into details of actual sex..really…at all. It’s just alluded to a lot, and used in ways we don’t typically. Really, really good book, this is one that, no matter how many times I’ve read, I still get sucked into like it’s my first time through because I care so much about those in it. This is the first book in a trilogy, then there’s a book of short-stories related to the characters that’s also great and some other random books in the world.

An innocent read! This book is so innocent I recommended the series to my very-sheltered 14-year-old sister-in-law (though that’s not the intended audience by any stretch). This is the first book of about a dozen in the series. It, of course, has a great love story and some really good characterization, and the development of the world is interesting. This series goes through a lot of different issues in addition to the main plot and will make you think (even if it is a bit obvious about it sometimes), and exposes you to many different cultures. I find them a nice comfort-read; a very well-written comfort-read. This is another series that often makes best-of lists.

So there you have them!

Also, since seeing more blogs I’ve realized that most give-aways are full of about a bajillion rules (become a follower, put my button on your blog, leave me a comment, do 3 hours of research, right a 500 word essay…OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit). That’s no fun. One of my main love languages is “giving gifts,” so I’m doing this for the joy of giving stuff away. And it’s no fun for me if it’s no fun for you. So here are my simple rules:

1) Post a comment telling me your favorite book (Hey, I am always looking for good books!)

2) In that comment, also tell me which of the books above you’d like. I don’t want to send just anyone Kushiel… If you’re up for more than one, I’ll put you in more than one drawing!

3) That’s it.

Do it by 5PM Friday (pacific time). At that point I’ll be drawing names in some clever and unbiased way (I’m trying to find a way to get my dog involved, but that may not happen..).

::UPDATE:: Deadline extended to 7PM pacific time (around 11PM eastern), because that’s the earliest I’ll be home. Poo. :P

And hey, look at it this way – I don’t even know that I have 3 people who read this blog regularly! So you may be a guaranteed winner, just for commenting! :-)

Thanks for playing along and letting me give you stuff!

::Added:: I forgot to add, none of the authors, publishers, book-sellers, or other official-book-people know I exist. Nor care. Except that I give them lots ‘o’ money for all their books. *cough* But, as I said, this is purely for my own fun, so letting me give you stuff counts as your good deed for the day!


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17 responses to “Give Away!

  1. Oh man. I would totally enter into this contest if I already didn’t read and have all three of these books.

    But, gotta say, fantastic choices all around and I hope whoever wins likes them.

    Good luck to all contestants.

    • Ha, I wondered if you owned these all! Makes sense, since you’re the one who introduced me to one of them :-D I was going to say two, but then I realized I introduced YOU to Kushiel.

      Oh well, you can still go get yourself some GLEE!!!

  2. haha so cool, i can’t wait to do a giveaway! however i never read novels, and i am positive i would never read these so don’t enter me for this giveaway. however once i reach 50 followers be sure to enter mine if you want! hehe. :)

  3. Sorry for the three above, but I’m in! As long as the story is good, I’d love any of them.
    I’m not sure I have a favorite book. I’ve read a lot of them, re-read Harry Potter since I love the innocence of it, but also have been known to re-read It by Stephen King just because I like to scare myself sometimes.

  4. Favorite book? Erggg, ‘favorite’ is such an ugly word. That and ‘best’ I hate those words. I’ll give you my 3 all time desert island books ): Time Traveler’s Wife, Gate to Women’s Country, and fine I’ll say it Twilight!
    And give away…hmmm, Daughter of the Blood looks cool. See I’m totally a sucker for good cover art.

  5. Oh, The Places You’ll Go…it’s so inspirational. Sorry, I’m kind of a smart ass tonight.

  6. Hey Honey,

    I think you have an idea of my favourites! I have to say the Twilight Saga, and The Riftwar Cycle, especially the fist in the series, Magician.

    I would LOVE the first two. You have me convinced and I have been doing some research on them since you recommended them to me.

    P.S. As I don’t live in the USA, I’ll help with postage if I win!

  7. My hubby has read most of the series of the Sword of Truth. My question is, do you watch Legend of the Seeker? It is based off those books.

    • No, I haven’t. I heard of it, but just the little I saw it didn’t look like it was going to be true to *my* vision of the books, so I didn’t even want to go there :-) Would you like to enter the give-away?

  8. 1) a favorite book….

    lord that’s a hard one, there are sooooo many to choose from. Can I give you Authors and series? You seem like you have some similar tastes to me. So you might like:

    Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld series. It’s amazingly funny and it can be picked up and read at any point in the series.

    Another is Piers Anthony. He has 2 series that I’ve read. There is the Xanth series that is full of puns (some that make you role your eyes) and definitely able to be read by a younger group. The second is his Incarnations of Immortality series. It’s darker and one needs to have a bit of an open mind while reading it (but it sounds like you do so that should be no problem).

    Nora Roberts series are always good. They have a tendency to follow a pattern, 3 guys hook up with 3 girls for whatever reason over the three books. Often mystical or supernatural aspects are involved. However, her characters are so amazing that I’m always drawn in. Favorites of hers are: Chesapeake Bay (starting with Sea Swept), In The Garden (starting with Blue Dahlia), and The Sign of Seven (starting with Blood Brothers)

    Anne McCaffrey and her series starting with the Rowan. It’s a great science fiction depicting space travel, psychic talents, and romance. The characters are so well written that you follow them through all the books always wanting to know more.

    Laurell K Hamilton also has 2 series. They are both based in semi alternate worlds. (In other words they are just like us except vampires, werewolves, and fairies are real) The first is The Anita Blake series (here is where the vamps and wolves are), The quickest way to describe this is as Twilight’s Mommy. But so much better. The other is the Merry Gentry series (and here are the fairies). Both series started off amazingly but have now seemed to deteriorate into only sex scenes (so definitely start at the begining of each if you choose these).

    Now aren’t you sorry you asked. :)

    2) Which book would I like.

    Either of the first two look like they’d be right up my ally. However, I think Daughter more so. I really like things like alternate takes on stuff like satan and what have you.

    Sorry for the long post but hopefully you’ll find something good to read from it.

    And thanks for the comment on my blog it made me giggle!

  9. I would love to be entered for all of them! I’ve been looking for a good book/series to read and this sounds like a good start!

    My favorite right now…Left Behind. I won’t say “Twilight” for fear of being jumped in the alley. :)

  10. :) I’m not entering for any of them, because I don’t read in English. I could, but I have no time to do it. What I can instead, is giving you some of my favourites.

    Like Robin Hobb. (and Megan Lindholm, as it is the same person :)) Every book. There isn’t one I didn’t enjoy. She writes series. Good ones. And be sure to read those series in order… It’s not really necessary, but it adds to the pleasure, I can assure you!

    I like Feist too. And Eddings (the books about Polgara I liked the most).

    I think with those three you have about 30 to 40 more books on your list. Should keep you going for a while :)
    (and great give-away! It’s absolutely lovely to give away things you like!)

    • Well I can tell we have similar tastes because I’ve read some Robin Hobb (Ship of Magic series, that’s her, right?) and I’ve got another series waiting on my shelf for me! I’ve also read Eddings, the two main series that are 5 books long, haven’t read the “Polgara” book(s?) but that was good. One of my bestest buds gave me the first book about in that series a few years ago and I read them all. Great book! Now I’ll have to check out Feist :-)

  11. All three books sound fabulous!

    I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite book. But, I love the Dune series.

  12. I’ve read Cushiel’s Dart, but don’t have my own copy, so put me in for any and all!

    I read non-stop, and lately I’ve read a LOT of fluff. Since having a baby, I don’t read scary stuff anymore. I just don’t want that stuff in my head anymore.

    That said – did you read any of the Sukie Stackhouse stories? I’ve read the 1st 6, and they are great ‘brain candy’ reads. Good characters, intriguing plot lines, and short enough that not being able to put them down doesn’t ruin your whole week’s sleep :-P

    I’ve recently re-read my Adrianna Triggiani books (The Big Stone Gap books, House of B, Queen of the Big Time, etc.). I like her voice.

    I LOVE Barbara Kingsolver. Fiction and nonfiction – her writing make me want to be a better, more thoughtful (on a very basic level) person.

    For serious fluff w/ a bit of racy sexiness, I adore Jennifer Crusie and Meg Cabot.

    Feeling the need for completely off-the-wall absurd? PLEASE read Christopher Moore & Kinky Friedman.

    Enough from me.

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