Random Tuesday Thoughts – Truly Random

Okiday, time for RTT! I know I did random thoughts yesterday..but..I’ll try to keep these shorter in the spirit of the meme :-)

One of my most fervent hopes when I am no longer working full-time is that I will have the energy to keep my house cleaner and cook regularly. I hate eating crap all the time, and I really do love it when we eat a home-cooked meal…I just never have the energy to make one. And I love things being organized, the messy house is driving me CRAZY but it’s so far down my priority list (which is currently topped by “survive”).


Yesterday I applied to a job at a pet store. Mmmm, puppies. I think you all know how I feel about those. Keeping my fingers cross. I actually dumbed-down my resume to try to avoid the, “You’re too smart for this job” response. (PS The store does not SELL puppies. I hatehatehate puppy mills, and every single pet store that sells puppies buys from mills or irresponsible breeders. Period.)


Last night I booked a hotel in southern Washington where my family is going to meet up with my dad to spend a weekend crabbing in a few months. I love crabbing, remember doing it when I was a kid before we moved away from the coast. But I don’t like crab. So we catch ’em, and I don’t have a hard time finding willing volunteers to take whatever I catch! On a related note: I am very interested to see how Toby reacts to a pot full of crabs scuttling at him…


I think I’m insane. I decided I wanted to move my classes from being on Thursday nights to Tuesday nights (I got more students when they were on Tuesdays). But because of how timing worked out, my last 3 weeks at work will have me teaching one class on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. Argh! Couldn’t I have gotten at least 2 back to back?


This is a suggestion to anyone getting married soon: plan your wedding near an airport unless you really have almost all of your family in-town. I love my brother and want to support him at his wedding, but 6+ hours of very expensive travel does not a happy-me make.


Thanks to those who commented yesterday…I know it was just little stuff, but it totally made me smile. :-)


I’ve been talking with my uncle a bit more recently. He’s a cool guy. I don’t know him well, because he always avoided family gatherings in the past (my mom’s family is 7 kids, one boy, 5 girls, and then this boy) for many reasons. He’s a super-smart engineering-type who’s also not Christian after a Christian upbringing, and it’s interesting to talk with him. We’ve been realizing we agree on a lot via facebook. Looking forward to seeing him at the wedding.


You know what else I really want to do when I’m home a bit more? And I mean really? Get my house decorated. We have been here for a year and a half, and yet we still have only one picture on our walls. That picture was a wedding gift, and when we were putting away wedding gifts I grabbed a nail and hung it. But nothing else. We have lots of things TO put up, we just haven’t done it. I’d also like to get some potted plants…having potted plants around just makes me happy! They’re all over my office and I smile when I walk by them. I like the alive feeling.


I am getting seriously grumpy at AT&T as my phone dies a little more every day. I wish they’d just announce when the Palm Pre Plus is coming out. I don’t care if it’s June I just want to know. If it’s far away I’ll get a basic phone that works for the interim, but I don’t want to spend $$ on that phone and have them announce it’s out next week…


Well, those were short for me!


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8 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts – Truly Random

  1. I’m going to be working less or not at all starting this summer, and I too hope to be more organized/healthier/better at cleaning. I don’t know that any of it will actually get done. The prospect of actually filling out applications for part time work sort of freaks me out and sends me into a cold sweat. I’m gonna need to get over that if I have any chance of doing well in an actual interview.

    • Yeah, I’m looking at jobs now that pay 40-60% of what I currently make..which is exciting. And I get nervous about applying. I have applied 4 places, though I’ve seen plenty of potential places! In part I don’t think part-time retail (one thing I’m looking at) is particularly interested in hearing from me now when I’m available in May, so places like bookstores I’m trying to put off until the time is closer.

      I agree, though. My dinky application to a pet store to be a clerk took me like 2+ hours to complete. That’s sad…

      Just think, when you get an actual interview you’ll be past the unknown! :-)

  2. Thanks for visiting my humble blog!!!

    I feel ya on the fatigue… but i’ve found a way to combat it…

    Get this pics up girl… it’ll make your house more like a home…:)

  3. I love the randomness of your random!
    I hope you get to not work full time and I hope you have tons of energy to make healthy meals. It’s not quite happening here and I don’t work. ;)

    I hope you get the job working with the puppies! Good luck!

  4. we sound a lot alike! I get tired of eating pre-made crap as well, but it takes so much time and effort to make the good stuff, I settle. Love puppies. Good luck and hope the jobs works out. Oh, and I have been in my house for 3 years, and I still need to decorate… Thanks for stopping by my blog :).

  5. Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday, even if you’re an iphone hater. ;)
    I’m sitting here wondering how much of my weekly wage I would spend, if I worked in a pet store….and how much MORE my puppies would be spoiled. I don’t think it would be a good combination!

  6. Working full time can take a lot out of you. I’m home all day and a lot of nights I struggle to throw together something for dinner, it’s just not as effortless as Martha Stewart makes it out to be. ;) Luckily my kids are not too discerning.

    Good luck with the job application process. Puppies are sweet.

    Thanks for stopping by too!

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