Silver Linings and Grey Clouds

You know the expresssion, “Every cloud has a silver lining?” It means that even when something lame happens, there’s always some little bit of good that goes along with it.

Well I’m a pessimist, so we’re going to go backwards here. For every silver lining, there is a cloud.’cause, being me, I can’t just ignore the cloud!

Here’s some things that happened to me today that are mostly awesome:

Silver Lining
I got a job! OK, it’s 1.5 hours a week, but it pays well and I’m *super* excited about it. I’m not going into details for the sake of confidentiality, but it involves interpreting between English and sign language. It’s for an organization that has many other opportunities, including much longer hours in the summer, so if this goes well it may lead to more! :-D

Grey Cloud
I am now freaking out that I’m no longer prepared for this job. 4 years ago, would have said yes, no hesitation. But in those 4 years I..haven’t..signed…much. I was telling one good friend about this opportunity (when I found it on Craigslist) and he said, “I’m amazed at how fast you pick up new skills, I can’t imagine how quickly an old one will come back to you!” So that made me feel good. And then I just went and watched a 2.5 minute video on mute, and then with the sound, and I got most of the information correct. So that’s good. This also is a good job for getting back into things, for various reasons I can’t go into because of confidentiality, so..I’m cautiously optimistic. And studying my butt off as a refresher.

Other Grey Cloud
It starts Monday. Yes, this Monday. Remember how I was saying I had one class each night Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday starting next week? Now tack Monday on the front. I’m not going to survive my last three weeks of work :P


Silver Lining
I went to agility and Toby did AWESOME. It’s been hard the last few weeks, having to miss last time, going while down from just having quit the time before that…but this one was really good. Really good. Toby did quite well for him, and it was a lot of fun. I actually want to go back.

Grey Cloud
After class the teachers kind of were negative. First, a student I’d recommended hadn’t come the last two weeks, and hadn’t called/e-mailed to let them know. I feel like it’s polite to do so, but my students don’t always, and so what. People are busy. Deal. But they chewed me out a bit like it was my fault. Grr. And then I told them that Toby and I would be able to practice more in a few weeks, once I left my full-time job. You know that reaction I’ve been fearing? The, “You quit your job in this economy what were you thinking??? What are you going to do now??? Hmmm…” *face and tone says, “You’re lazy and stupid”* Yeah. That one. Got it. First time. Verbatim. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I knew they’d make such a big deal about it. Yes, we are going to survive just fine financially, thankyouverymuch, or I wouldn’t be doing it. And no, I don’t want to go into all my reasons with you or explain how this is possible. I was just telling you the next few weeks it will be hard for me to practice then it would get better. So back off. (OK, I’ve probably gotten this reaction from readers, but they don’t comment so I feel all accepted and loved :-)


Silver Lining

I had class with my favorite student tonight, and it was a ton of fun. Her dog made some great progress. It’s so fun to work with her because she really works at home, and she is a natural at working with her dog when shown what to do. But she’s not as good at figuring out the next step (or trusting that she has). So every week she comes in with what we did before down solid, and we can work to improve all of the skills noticeably in the hour. Today we combined two different cues (lie down, roll on side and plop head down a.k.a. are you so tired?) into one really smooth motion. This will soon be prefaced by a gun hand and “bang!” The dog drops to one hip and slumps to the floor. Adorable. Then the woman says, “It’s alive!” and her dog springs up! Her dog loves training, so it can kind of spoil the illusion a bit when she thumps her tail when dead ;-)

Grey Cloud
Toby was a little snot! Snot I say! We were working on “mat.” Basically, like any good service dog, I point to a mat of some sort, he goes on it and waits there until I release him. Period. I do not care what is going on. We’ve barely ever practiced this; a crash course last November before two weekends of flying (he did great, in the airport or on the plane I’d lay out his mat, say “Mat,” and he’d lay on it and wait for an hour or so until we moved), and two weeks ago I just asked for it during this woman’s class and he was perfect for about 35 minutes. My student is super nice and encouraged me to bring Toby and practice with him during her class. Yeah. I’m lucky. Anyway, tonight he WOULD NOT STAY. I mean, not for 2 minutes. Finally he did…while whining. I only kept this up for about 20 minutes, it was too distracting. Snot.


Silver Lining

Um…let me think hard…no one is sending me to bed right now? *sigh* There isn’t one.

Grey Cloud

My hubby’s plane got delayed! :'( He was supposed to be home tonight, and I was looking forward to my hubby cuddles. But stupid Chicago has stupid weather so his stupid plane couldn’t stupid fly to the stupid airport. So he missed his stupid connection. He’s currently sleeping on a cot in the airport, since everywhere under $120/night is booked. So..lunch tomorrow!


Silver Lining

Go enter my give away! It’s lots of fun, promise! Great books! And right now there are only 4 people entered for 3 books…I’d *really* hate to have just one person not win, that’s just mean! So you’d not only be doing me a favor, you’d be helping save someone from being a sole non-winner. Think of the good karma!

Grey Cloud
None. None at all. Go enter now. :-)


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3 responses to “Silver Linings and Grey Clouds

  1. I’ve got to say, I love that you’re looking for a silver lining in everything. It helps. Tremendously.

    And congratulations on the new job!

  2. I’m a pessimist too, so I can relate to this post. It’s hard not to see the cloud behind the lining, I’ve really never understood optimists at all.

  3. Hey Honey!

    I know I’m a bit late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS on the new job! You’ll be wonderful, I just know it.

    Mwah x x x

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