And the winner is…*trumpets sound*

Time to announce the winners of my super-amazing give-away!

I know, I know y’all can’t wait. Try to reign in your excitement.

Winners were chosen using a random number generator, aka my hubby. But I am anal, so I did not just ask for three random numbers. Oh no. I asked for three random three-digit numbers. The first digit of the first won Kushiel, the second digit of the second won Black Jewels, and the third digit of the third won Sword of Truth! I know, you were dying for those details :-)

Without further ado, here’s Toby with the results!

The winner of Kushiel’s Dart is:

Lindsay @ Kids Are Teachers!

The winner of Daughter of the Blood is:

Rachel @ Diapers, Dogs, & Cooking in Heels!

And the winner of Wizard’s First Rule is:

Sprite’s Keeper!

And there you have it! If you won, e-mail me (fyziksgirlatyahoodotcom) with your mailing address and I’ll get your book in the mail! If not, well…they’re all available at virtually any book store, and probably most libraries, so you can still check them out! They’re good, even when not a prize :-)

Also, Toby is proud to have been a part of announcing the winners. Especially since he got his basketball thrown for each picture. He would like to add: “Woof! Congratulations! Woof!”


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3 responses to “And the winner is…*trumpets sound*

  1. Oh yay!!! I didn’t even know I won! I’m going to check my spam folder now to {hopefully} find your email address! Thanks!!!

  2. Oh wow. It’s right there in the blog post. I’m a nerd! Sending it to you now!

  3. Woohoo! Sorry I didn’t see it earlier, studying way too much this past weekend.
    I’ll email you my details tonight! (Can’t from work.)

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