Despite working until 8PM (and not getting home til 9:30) on Friday, I still drew the winners for my book give away. See? I did my part!

And yet, only Rachel has sent me her address!

At least, that I noticed. See, I get a lot of junk/spam at that e-mail address, so I’m wondering if I overlooked the other winners’ e-mails (though I highly doubt it, I’ve been on the look out). I would have given out my personal address, but it has my full name, and I just don’t feel like going there.

So, Sprite’s Keeper and Lindsay, I’m looking at you! Shoot me an e-mail with your addresses, or re-shoot me one if I missed it. It’d help if you could put GIVE AWAY in the subject, so I’m extra sure to notice! :-D

If I haven’t heard by Wednesday evening when I get home, I’m redrawing! So to those who didn’t win..there’s still hope! ;-)

::UPDATE:: 2 down, 1 to go… :-)


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