Random Glee Night Thoughts

My sciatic nerve just started acting up. Again. OW. Ibuprofin, work your magic. (please)


Yesterday was awesome. But, at least now, that is not going to cut it income-wise. Nice little bonus, will keep at it as available, but I need another job with more hours. The trick then becomes, what? I’m leaning towards big retail, because if Companions grows (please god) I can walk away from or cut back on chain-store retail w/o feeling too guilty.


I am planning on adding several new services once I leave this job and have the time. I am also planning on teaching more group classes. Also doing an aggressive door-to-door flier thingy (thank you VistaPrint for cheap/free materials!). If you have a dog, what kind of classes would you like to take? Puppy? Basics? Tricks? Advanced skills? Off-leash? Therapy dog? Backyard agility? Anything else??? I don’t care if it’s pie-in-the-sky, looking for ideas! Anyone hire a “dog-walker” to stop by your house when you work all day to let Fido out (this is huge around here)? Would you be interested in someone coming by and training your dog while you were gone instead of just walking them? Any brilliant ideas for names for said service? (Yes, this is shameless, thank you for placating me)


On a related note, I have a new basics class starting tonight. Can’t wait!


GLEE IS BACK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omgomgomg I can’t wait!


I am installing my tie-off points tonight. I AM. No excuses. Excited :-D I may even bring Toby along to show off and keep me company :-) The guy at the store said I could use concrete nails, so I don’t even have to use a stupid drill!


My hubby told me last night that he’s seen me smiling a lot more recently as  the end of my time at my current job approaches. I believe it; I’ve been, overall, more relaxed knowing hope is on the horizon. Struggling to make it through each day and not being able to look beyond that day will soon be a thing of the past. Life won’t be perfect, but it will be better. And if it’s not, I can just change again. This is the biggest, hardest change that gives up the most is what I’m doing now.


My massage on Sunday felt AH-MAZ-ING. But I’m kinda grumpy with them. See, the hubby and I had talked abut me getting regular massages through these peeps before. So the chronic back pain hopefully stops being so chronic. So I signed up with them that day. Basically for a membership fee you get 1 free massage/month and 1/2 off any others. Membership is about 75% of the cost of a massage.  We’d been planning on it, but (as they wanted) I rushed and did it that day to get the waived sign-up fee (what a crock, those fees exist to be discounted) and “one free month.” Only AFTER I signed did they tell me the “one free month” did not include a free massage (when I thought to ask while scheduling my next one). Evidently the one I got that day (and paid for at their “introductory” price) counted as the “free” one. Note: 1/2 off is not the same as free. I kind of want to call and yell at them and see if I can get out of it, ’cause I’m pissed at them for playing games. I’m also pissed at myself for buying into said games. I know better. If the hubby and I hadn’t discussed it before, I wouldn’t have signed up. But I did. Stupid. I HATE pressure tactics. Grrr…


Have I mentioned that GLEE is back tonight????!!!!????? WAHOOOOOOO!


mmmk, I think I’ll leave it at that. For some more randomness (of the less whiny variety) click on the button at the top of the page!


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12 responses to “Random Glee Night Thoughts

  1. Yay Glee! I almost convinced myself to stop watching (because it is slightly inane) but then you posted the video on fb and now I’m curious.
    :-P you and your ability to manipulate me from afar.

    :-P to the massage people too. That sucks that they manipulated you like that. :sigh: Well, at least you are all signed up for the service now which can hopefully help you in the long run even if they are jerking your chain now. It’s better than what I generally get stuck with when a salesperson plays me.

    Hmmm… more classes. A therapy/service dog class would be awesome. I’d definitely take that. What exactly does “off-leash” entail? I would certainly pay for a dog walker (because I will probably be stuck in a 9-5 job or a long hours research thing) and I hate the idea of leaving the poor guy stuck all by his lonesome. I don’t know if I would want training done when I’m not there (I want to learn too) but it would be fun to schedule times to go out with you (like on walks or to and from doggy parks) so that we could practice the stuff we learn in class out in public too.

    I’m not the person to go for naming things though. I’ll let you know if I have any ideas for names or dog things. :)


    • Go to Hulu and watch the video. Even better. For some reason, I can’t embed Hulu here :P I can’t, I’m sure someone else could!

      *snort* I still remember you buying a bunch of “sea salt” cleansing products from a slick salesman. I just stared at you in wonder. :-) But your mommy loved it!

      Sweetie, you move up here and I’ll train your service dog for free. Promise. PROMISE.

      PS I agree, the training is more about the people than the dog, but many people want their dog trained w/o doing the work. *shrug* You can make progress that way, often even better progress (think service dog training organizations), so might as well offer it!

  2. I am SO GLAD you’re feeling so much happier already. Talk about instant gratification!
    Now, dogs. I don’t know if this is going to sound silly or not, but you said give ’em all so here it goes. What about a class for second or third or shelter-saving owners? It’s hard to acclimate a dog into an established family and environment and I would LOVE to have someone willing to help me with that task and make sure I’m not screwing Buddy up too badly, you know? I bet that could be a huge class! Other than that, puppy training is always good. When people get puppies, they are enthusiastic and puppies are, well, puppies and love to learn, right?
    Anyway, I hope you keep getting happier and happier until you BURST with joy! Have a great week!

    • Oh, that’s a great idea! I work with a *lot* of shelter dogs, and I’m always looking for ways to help them out! What kind of things would you be looking for in that class? Basic obedience skills? More Q&A? I like to have SOME concrete “here’s what you get out of it” things, but I also don’t want to just replicate a class I have…hmmm…Great food for thought!

      Also, I’m sure you’re doing awesome with Buddy :-D By your report he’s doing better on walks, that’s big! :-)

      • :giggle: That was kinda what I was just thinking. She beat me to it.

        For some unknown reason :cough: I was looking around at places to adopt a dog and I saw a guy who trains dogs from shelters and who specializes in hard cases like a lot of abuse or very aggressive dogs. He works specifically with a rescue operation to help them save as many dogs as they can and help to get them loving homes.

        You could totally do either version (or both!)- helping people with new dogs from a shelter (maybe you can even advertise through specific shelters? I’m not sure if that would work) or helping a program save dogs from a shelter.

        :shrugs: I’m not sure what exactly would be the specifics (like you were asking-obedience? Q&A? or whathaveyou) because I lack in an actual dog but it does sound interesting.

      • Probably basic obedience to start out, but with a focus on issues that I think a lot of shelter dogs have. For instance, extreme timidity or, on the other end, extreme hyperactivity. These are just wonderful dogs and the families willing to take them in should get all the help they can to make sure those dogs don’t end up BACK in the shelter!
        Now, since the shelters themselves won’t work with you, what about the vets? I know in my county, Animal Control required that we take the dog to one of the vets on their list for a check within 5 days of adoption. That means that EVERY shelter dog will be in one of those vets shortly after adoption. Working with those vets for referrals or just hanging a flyer could do wonders. I know I picked up several brochures, magnets, etc while I was there on Monday.

  3. Erica, I would LOVE to work with shelters in my area. Problem is, none of them want to work with outsiders. I’ve tried. Repeatedly. They are HIGHLY suspicious of anyone who is not “on the inside” and just think you’ll ditch them at the first chance. They don’t even want to give a chance. Heck, even if all I do is offer a discount on training services they can offer to their clients, they don’t want to hear it! So frustrating *sigh* I guess I could contact more of the small rescues..but they’re all dogs in foster care…I could offer a discount to any of their dogs, pre or post placement, though. Hmm…

    I can see working with shelter dogs one-on-one for such things, and I don’t advertise it specifically now, but I could… I was more thinking, though, what kind of things we could do in *class*. I could do, say, a shy dog class specifically, which applies to a lot of shelter dogs…working on skills like approaching people, meeting other dogs, reacting to loud noises, the vacuum, the car, climbing stairs, etc. *ponders* But I’m trying to think what kind of general issues shelter dogs would have as a group that could then be put in a class…hmmmmmmm….

  4. All I know is that it’s Glee night, the rest got lost in the haze of GLEE!!

  5. Lindsay, great idea, I’ll check to see if they have specific vet requirements. I haven’t partnered with any vets yet, because 1) I do not want to recommend people to vets that I wouldn’t take my dog to, so I need to do my research and 2) I’m not home when vets offices are open :P Oh, and I guess 3) I live in a VERY dog-friendly area, but it also means there are a LOT of trainers. So the vets/pet stores/etc. are pretty saturated with fliers, and that just adds another layer of required effort to find one that isn’t! That really sounds like a great place to start, though, thanks for the idea!

  6. Glee is the best thing ever. ever. ever.

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