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I woke up grumpy, as usual, and late, as unusual, this morning, and was getting ready, playing with my puppy instead of hurrying through my morning routine like I should have, when the hubby grins up at me from his dumbphone smartphone and said, “You’re gonna be happy, you just got something!” I stared at him blankly (my brain was still sleeping (come on, let me pretend that’s why))…awhile. He prompted, “Wait until you check your e-mail!” More blank stares. Then I demanded he hand me his phone so I could see. Lo and behold!

Lindsay at Kids Are Teachers had given me an award!

After finishing my little happy dance, I headed off to work, and only now that the boss has stepped out can I complete my acceptance.

I would like to thank Lindsay, of course; I guess giving away bribes books pays off! My hubby, for pointing out this award to me. I couldn’t have done it without you! My puppy, for always being there, ball in mouth, to force inspire me to play, my…

Huh? What do you mean that’s not what you meant?




So I am now going to share 10 things about myself with you, and then pass this on to 10 beautiful bloggers!

Without further ado, 10 things about me:

  1. I love dogs. (What? No one said they had to be things you didn’t know!)
  2. I am half Iranian. Really. I know I look whiter-than-white, but that’s just because I got my mom’s skin. My dad was born and raised in Iran, only coming to the US for grad school. He speaks English as a second language.
  3. I love languages. I try to learn them for fun. Other languages and cultures fascinate me.
  4. I especially love Asian languages and cultures. I have lived in Japan for a summer. I have lived in Hong Kong for a summer. Both times there was so much more to see when I had to go! I have spent a week on Scotland. Yup, pretty much saw it all in a week. I don’t get Europe.
  5. Despite 2. and 3., I do not speak Farsai (language of Iran). My dad is a real pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps-you-get-to-America-you-speak-the-language-if-I-can-do-it-anyone-can (did I mention he came for GRAD SCHOOL? Not your typical immigrant) type of Republican, so we never really heard Farsai growing up. Sad.
  6. One year ago I thought blogging was the dumbest thing ever. My hubby told him he wanted to write a blog and I laughed in his face (he still doesn’t have one, I think I scarred him). Now I cannot go 10 minutes without checking my stats if I’m at a computer.
  7. My blogging obsession is nothing compared to my e-mail obsession. OBSESSION. I have to have it minimized on my computer at all times, or I can’t work. I’ve tried. I can’t. It needs to be there so I can see the instant a new e-mail comes in!
  8. I hate a group mindset. Mob mentality is my enemy. This is why I hate patriotism. And sports games. And partisanship. And pep rallys. This is also (part) why I resisted reading Twilight for years. However, I finally gave in. I am now a Twi-hard. (Thank you, Lindsay, the term still makes me giggle!)
  9. I am a recovering Catholic. ;-) Cradle Catholic, no longer Christian or really sure where I am. I know many who pity me for this, but I have found greater peace here. However, I don’t hate Christians; I want everyone to be able to find their own peace, and if Christianity works for you, I’m glad.
  10. I love to watch the news.

*dusts off hands* There you go, the first 10 random thoughts about me that came to my mind!

Now to pass it on to 10 more awesometastic bloggers:

  1. Lily Ruth’s Mama at Diapers, Dogs and Cooking in Heels is awesome. She is definitely honest about everything she comes across, and she’s a hoot to read. Plus her daughter is a-frikkin-dorable.
  2. Pixie Mama at her blog, I’m A Pixie Mama, is about as honest as you get. She writes the realities of her life, and her amazing family. I love how she never stops fighting for what her kids need!
  3. Jen at Laughing at Chaos makes me giggle. I don’t care if she’s writing about a great day or a horrible one, she always puts a funny spin on it. Or maybe that’s just me. Promise I’m laughing with you, Jen!
  4. Mama Kat over at Mama’s Losin’ It! has a blast. Whether it’s saving baby mice or singing in the bathroom with her new labradoodle, she has fun! Not to mention that she hosts Writer’s Workshop every week, which is always a good time (even if I’m not participating this week…)
  5. Erin at My Little Miracles is so positive. It’s kind of like a drug to me, my pessimistic system isn’t used to it! And her little boys are so cute!
  6. Mrs. Bear at Outnumbered Two to One tells it like it is, with lots of jokes. Always a fun read, even when talking about something like nature walks (nature and I don’t get along very well…)
  7. I just recently discovered Sprite’s Keeper (right about when she won my give-away) and she has had me in stitches! Her tales of her daughter and her life often cause me to clap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud (not that I’d ever read at work…)
  8. Cristin at Tiptoeing Through the Tulips has the most incredible family. What her son has been through is unbelievable, but what really makes her blog great is her attitude. I love (love love) how proud she is of all her kids’ scars, all that makes them them, and is focused on loving and encouraging them, rather than “fixing” them.
  9. Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan has great posts, about her family and about what’s going on in the world. She provides a great balance and an enjoyable read! And really, who can resist that name?
  10. The Psycho Mama writes amazing posts full of pictures and happiness. I love to stop by and see how she, her husband, and her Sweet Baboo are doing!

If you can’t tell, there’s a pattern. I appreciate good writing, and I appreciate humor. I get enough seriousness in life, I like my blogs to be life with a positive spin! Even when that positive spin just brings life up to average some days…

Go! Check them out! You’ll find someone new to follow, I guar-un-tee it!

PS If you didn’t win an award, I’m sorry. I tried to spread the love by not repeating people who I gave my *last* award to. And then I only had 10 spots. But I still <3 you!!! …probably.


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9 responses to “One sure way to brighten a morning

  1. What? People are reading the stuff that comes out of my brain?

    You are too sweet, Miss Eileen. I promise to earn this… as long as earn means ‘continue on doing exactly the same thing’.


    • Yay! Seriously, love your blog. And your daughter. At least, her adorable photos. :-)

      Oh, and that meal your daughter liked? Sounds pretty good to me!

  2. I’m flattered, really. Stuff like this makes my day. Thank you so much.

    And the blogging thing, yeah…it grows on you, a couple of years ago I found the concept of blogs laughable and now…well, you know. ;)

  3. Well thank you!!

    We have ton in common,(except for the loving of the dogs…)

    I love languages, Asian culture, spent years in Catholic schools and am not a Christian, and I’m a total Twihard (did you know that there are a bunch of very talented writers who have taken the Twilight characters and done really fun stuff with them? Great reads if you want some links, let me know).

    Thanks again!

    I suck at accepting these, so don’t be offended if it takes me a while to do it!

  4. Ha- I really thought a blog was a stupid idea too. A typical trendy bit of self serving bs that would come and go.



  5. I love your families history. That is so unique. I think I kinda have a crush on your dad. Lotta strength there!

  6. Thank you so much!
    I’ve found that some people who speak English as a second language are better at it than some of us natives. My husband is also a second linguist, Spanish is his first, but I never knew it when I met him because he had absolutely no accent. I thought I had found me a nice Jewish boy. :-)

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