Too True Random Tuesday Thoughts

Woo-hoo, time for some fun! Random Thoughts Tuesday is brought to you by The UnMom, and Too True Tuesday is brought to you by The Accidental Mommy. I have decided, in the interest of time, to combine them.

The topics for this week’s TTT were inspired by yours truly, so I kinda have to play along (Plus I look forward to it all two-weeks). Hmmm. Must come up with things to say that won’t get me in trouble… The prompts:

This week, due to potential delicacy in subject matter, we will have multiple choice topics. Here they are:

  1. The best secret you ever kept from your parents
  2. Worst date stories
  3. Annoying Significant Other stories
  4. What I wish someone would have told me before I got married

My problem is both my mom (hi mom!) and my husband (hi hubby!) read my blog. So I must be delicate…why did I suggest these things?? Let’s start with safer randomness.

I really hate those random letter/word authentication things some people put on their blog comments. They can be hard to read, and it’s just an annoying extra step. I understand wanting to avoid spam, but I have my blog set up so that when a new person comments, I have to approve them as a real person with legitimate things to say. After that they’re free to go to town (please). Saves them some headache. It is especially annoying when you submit your comment, and then the verification box shows up. I don’t realize the comment didn’t go, and sometimes it ends up sitting there for hours until I notice! Then I get grumpy. You wouldn’t like me when I’m grumpy.


I am so meh about this interview this afternoon. I realize I should care. And I’m sure I’ll be nervous upon arrival. But quite frankly, right now I’m more concerned with dodging the “free” lunch, getting through today, getting my press releases out, organizing for all the changes coming in two weeks, etc., etc. The most thought I’ve given it is that I am happy it’s at a pet store so I can grab some treats for class, what with me forgetting my treat pouch in the fridge and all (oops!)


Honestly, I did not keep many secrets from my parents. I was convinced they would find out. I’m not sure how much was them and how much was me, but if I was in public I was sure that someone would see me do anything bad and it would get back to them. Really, even if I was in private I was thinking there could be someone’s video camera somewhere… Part of me knew this was irrational. Didn’t matter. I was totally paranoid. It’s similar to how I’m still totally paranoid everyone is watching/judging/storing away things on me.

One secret I do remember was the time I tried the berry-flavored chapstick. Not to use it as chapstick. Oh no. That thing smelled GOOD. But I was warned again and again not to eat it. So I grabbed it, snuck away, and took a big ol’ bite. I then freaked out, panicked, spit it out, and frantically washed my mouth. If anyone’s curious, it tastes nothing like berry. Liars.

Another, that I think I told her eventually, was an, *ahem* song that my brother and I used to sing for our babysitters. My parents had a really hard time finding sitters for is. No idea why. *whistles innocently* It might have something to do with how they were really strict about behavior (dad mainly) and so when babysitters came we could kinda cut loose and get the bad out of our systems! Anyway, one day I was walking somewhere, and this song just came to me. It was divinely inspired, I’m telling you!

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My shirt flew away and I couldn’t catch it….I couldn’t catch it….[removes shirt]

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My socks flew away and I couldn’t catch them…I couldn’t catch them….[removes sockss]

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My pants flew away and I couldn’t catch them…I couldn’t catch them….[removes pants]

Hi, my name is _____, and guess what happened one day. My underwear flew away and I couldn’t catch them…I couldn’t catch them….[removes underwear]

Ah, I can still hear the melody in my head! *stares off dreamily* If I remember correctly, we were usually stopped before the completion of the last verse. Our poor babysitters. We’d approach them, all innocent, and tell them we wanted to sing them a song. And then in unison, we’d start. Some weren’t the brightest…they couldn’t see where this was going and would be so shocked…


I love my puppy. But unless there is an axe murderer creeping up on our house, I do NOT want to hear him barking frantically at 2:30 AM. Squirrels can be dealt with in daylight, buddy.


I never really dated. My dad is from Iran. You know, where boys and girls aren’t allowed to spend time alone together unless they’re married? He wasn’t so into the whole dating thing unless you were actively seeking a spouse. I had “boyfriends,” 3 that I count, and 1 I even went to a dance with, and once I think a movie. That was the extent of my “dates” pre-hubby. My hubby and I went on a few dates before we were married, but even then it was mostly just hanging out at his house, or going somewhere as an excuse to hang out since hanging out wasn’t enough of a reason to get together for my dad. And all our post-married dates are fun and awesome and relaxy! So sorry. No fun date stories. I want to read yours, though, so go link up!


Hmmm, annoying hubby habits…I mean, he doesn’t really have any. Nothing I’d classify as “annoying,” and he’s so damn good at adapting to me! I think the closest I could come is his weird interest in sports. I mean, really? Sports? What’s the point? They’re so silly. But even  though that’s kinda maybe annoying in theory, that he’s super awesome about in practice, not watching incessantly or discussing with me at-length. I am not a sports widow. That takes self-control on his part. Thanks, hubby!


I am very, very excited to be partnering with the doggie daycare that’s moving in. And then my groomer, who has sent me a client and who I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in the area because she is incredible, just talked with me while I was scheduling Toby’s next haircut, and she’s thinking about expanding her own services in ways that might be helpful to me. HMMMM! Really, I love this world I’m moving in to!


Going crabbing this weekend should be fun, if you ignore how dirty and matted Toby is going to get. But I NEED that time to get stuff done. Crap. Not sure how this is all going to work out. I keep thinking, “I’ll do that this weekend” and then I remember, I have no time this weekend!

I mean, if I had a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon right now, I could use it as a mobile hotspot in the car and get work done…


Things I wish I’d known about marriage before getting married:

  • Going to bed angry really is a bad idea, not just a cliche
  • You know your spouse-to-be doesn’t like all the same foods as you, but it becomes much more important when you’re eating dinner together every night and half of your go-to meals are out
  • You may know your spouse-to-be is not a morning person, but until you have to drag yourself out of bed while they blissfully slumber on this will not really hit home.
  • Putting a TV in the bedroom is a great idea, just don’t hook it up to get TV. Late night cuddles and movie/Glee/House watching is awesome, and can’t be replicated on a couch.
  • Things that you take as givens will be totally foreign to your spouse. Be ready for, “What do you mean __________?!?!?!” conversations :-)
  • You cannot underestimate the importance of weekend getaways. Even if you’re only getting an hour or two away.
  • Money is the hardest thing to agree on. It is very easy to feel bitter. I thought we were prepared for this, and we talked about it before we were married, but it’s an order of magnitude above what’s expected. We have come to an awesome place of agreement, but it’s after many long budget talks! To help, make a budget and track it. Then there’s less questioning every purchase.


This looks awesome. Everyone should watch tomorrow. Service dogs do incredible things for such a wide range of disabilities!


I am now heading off to a fake lunchtime appointment to avoid a “free” lunch. Follow the links above to play along! Happy Tuesday!



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10 responses to “Too True Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. If you don’t mind my asking, how long did you know your husband before getting married? Just curious because you said you went on a ‘few’ dates.

    Oh and good luck on your interview this afternoon :)

    • Don’t mind at all! By that I meant we rarely went on formal dates, but I didn’t explain that clearly. We dated for over 5 years before getting married, due to timing and me wanting to finish school first.


  2. I knew some of this stuff before, but reading it really drives home the idea that our lives have been VERY different. I’ll try to answer some of this stuff in a bit to demonstrate the idea but its still interesting to think on.

    I mean, we are pretty much one person, right? How did we come from such different places to end up with rambling/giggling/”lack ‘o words because we can pretty much read minds” speech?
    Not complaining. I’ve just never thought about it before.
    By the way, that song is hilarious. I’m sooo glad I never babysat for anyone like you.

    • This is a very good point. And I don’t know how it happened that we are, for all intents and purposes, the same. Sign from god. Guess you better move up here.

      I remember you talking about your daddy freaking out when you lived in a house full of boys, because if you lived with them you must be sleeping with them. I laughed, but the thing is, the only reason my dad wouldn’t have reacted the same way is that he would have had a heart attack when he first heard the news and not had a chance. :P

      I led a very unique childhood. So did you. Just in very different ways.

      And I’m also very glad I never babysat for anyone like me. I was a horrible, horrible little charge.

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  4. Wow, there is so much here to work with!
    Okay, you really did pick an odd bunch of suggestions if you didn’t do any of them!

    I think before I got married it would have been nice if someone told me that those little irritations will. not. go. away. In fact, they will multiply. Exponentially. See, I can say this on your blog because my husband does not read mine, its highly unlikely he will read yours, LOL!

    My parents still don’t know that I smoked cigarettes until I was 35. Yep. I was 35 years old sneaking a smoke when I was around them. The rest of my family didn’t know either except for my sister who smoked and her husband who did too. Oh yeah, and my Dad smokes to this day and still hides it from my Mom although all of us know because he reeks. Right. Dysfunctions-r- us!

    The comments will cut me off if I try to do annoying S/O stories, so I will end here.

    • Hey, now, I wrote on all of them! Even the ones I didn’t have anything to say about, I wrote that!!! SO THERE!!!

      That is a very, very good one. This is true. Multiplication is tricky.

      Hahahaha, I love it. Nothing like some good lying to keep a family close!

      Oh wait, I think “You didn’t do any” means how I didn’t lie to my parents, I won’t say anything bad about my hubby (um…I mean…there’s nothing bad about him…love you hubby!), I didn’t date….*cough* Maybe I just wanted to hear what other people had to say! OK, fine, next time I suggest something I’ll have something good to say :-)

      • LOL, it’s the second part. I meant, you didn’t do any as in you didn’t do any bad things and don’t have any bad things to say about other people! I actually worried that it would come off wrong in print and obviously was right.
        Nothing wrong with wanting to read what others have to say, it’s the whole point of TTT! Voyeurism, embrace the spirit. Or something like that.

      • Hahaha, I am a peeping Tina. Online. Peeping through computer windows…

  5. What is it with children being naked all the time!? I had to grab my daughter from the backyard before bathtime tonight and explain to her that we don’t run outside naked.
    Toby just wanted to give that squirrel a hug. Don’t deny him a hug! By the way, I finally heard a small bark out of Buddy…The first in the 3 or so weeks since we got him. I think it’s a milestone…kinda like a first word or something :)

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