What the hell?

I have watched this meme for a few weeks now, but didn’t really have anything to say. This week I’m feeling it a little, so I figured, what the hell? Click on the button to go play along!

Today  my commute was doubled in length. And do you know why? Because it rained. What the hell??? Have I mentioned I live in the Seattle area?? It rains here, people!! Get used to it! I do not take kindly to having to stay late since I was spending some thrilling extra time sitting on my bus.

Yesterday I sent out a press release, and one editor wrote me back. Her e-mail said, “Thanks.” That’s it. What the hell does that mean? Most people who have nothing to say just don’t write back! Odd. Hopefully it’s a good sign *shrug*

I was just listening to FOX news criticize Jon Stewart for not being fair and balanced. What the hell? You do realize his show runs on Comedy Central, right guys? He never claimed to be fair and balanced! That’s like me going to someone who claims to be a professional basketball player and saying, “You’ve never scored a point in a game,” and he said, “Well you never have in a professional game, either!” This is true. That is why I don’t claim to be a professional basketball player. *rolls eyes*

OK, that’s it for that meme. As a quick update, the interview went well. They talked to the gal before me for 10 minutes, and me for an hour. Which is probably a good sign. Unfortunately, even if they offer, I’m not going to take the job (more than likely). It’s a cool place, the scheduling works well, I like their philosophy, lots of animals around, but they want someone to work 25-30 hours a week, almost entirely evenings/weekends. 1) That’s more time than I want to work at a second job and 2) evenings and weekends are most of the times my clients want to meet. I can work them some at a second job, but not as much as they want. Oh well! I’ll go be a number, I am fine with this. I’d probably prefer it. It does feel a bit odd to be waiting to hear from them when I don’t really care either way, never been in a situation like that! Hopefully they had some other perfect candidate.

What the hell, I’ll tack a book review on the bottom! It’s been awhile since I finished the book, just been busy. My most recent book for the 2010 A-Z challenge: The Raging Quiet.

This is a kids book, but I really enjoy it. I’ve read it several times, and I still enjoy it each time. It’s a book about a girl in a not-defined pioneer-esque time who is married at 16 and widowed shortly thereafter. She ends up living alone in a cottage in a small village where she doesn’t know anyone, and befriends the village mad boy. She discovers that he is deaf, which is why he goes into uncontrolled rages and doesn’t listen or obey, and develops a sign language to talk with him. For obvious reasons I enjoy this book, and anyone with a Deaf child might recommend this one to their kid. There aren’t many books with deaf characters, especially who play a prominent role, and this one is surprisingly well written. Simple, but good. It is for maturer kids, though; there is talk of sex. It is not described, but with her first husband it is made clear that she has to do it and hates it, and it comes up once again later in the book. Very sweet, simple story with sweet, simple characters, and if that’s what your looking for you’ll enjoy this book.


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6 responses to “What the hell?

  1. I am 100% with you on the stupid drivers in the rain! We get it ALL. THE. TIME. I’m not sure how it still manages to surprise people.

    I’m glad the interview went well, sorry it isn’t going to work out though. Perhaps they’d be willing to offer fewer hours? Who knows.

  2. Three thoughts:

    1. We’ve got Metro construction on my commute route, so I’m in for a doubling-and even tripling-of the time it takes to get to work. I feel your pain!
    2. In my house, we call Fox “Faux News,” “Fake News,” or “Fox Noise.”
    3. I like this meme idea…might try it sometime! :)

  3. I have the same thing happen when it rains here too. Also, when it snows, of course. It really makes you wonder when you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow, why people forget how to drive in it! I don’t like when people give me one word responses either! It always makes me think, “What does that mean????”

    Thanks for joining us today!

  4. I can’t believe you run into difficulty in Seattle. I can just imagine what would happen if you took all the drivers from the East Coast and moved them there. You would never make it home.

  5. I’ve always heard how rainy it is in Seattle so WTH? Anything that doubles commuting time is pure evil.

    I don’t think Fox News has much credibility. I’d rather watch Jon Stewart over Fox any day.

    Thanks for joining us for WTHW today!

  6. Fox news is calling someone else out for not being fair or balanced?! Now that is comedy.

    I hate driving in the rain around here, I live in South Florida and it rains a lot. The second a drop hits the asphalt everyone turns in to a blooming idiot. Ugh.

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