Not crabby, just crabbing

So this weekend I spent crabbing in Westport.

Oh yeah, I was rocking the fashion. It was cold, OK? And my dad is kind of over-protective.

It was lots of fun. I remember crabbing as a little kid, watching the seagulls grab the little crabs and crack them on the rocks, good times! (I was kind of sick as a little kid) So now I enjoy going back and doing it more, and it’s an activity my dad and I enjoy doing together.

At first Toby was a little shy around the crabs.

But I introduced him.

And he got braver and started herding them back into the water.

(The hubby didn’t warn me he was taking video. I hate the sound of my own voice! Pretend there’s no sound. Or mute your computers. Peeeerfect…)

It was the hubby’s first time crabbing, and he did great!

Have I mentioned that crabs are ugly little buggers? But fascinating!

There was lots of really cool wildlife around, too. Like loons,


and sea lions.


They’re so cute!

Not. So. Much. Look at those TEETH!

OK, these creatures are seriously scary. Sunday we went out on a new pier..which is evidently their pier. They were all lined up on one branch.

And as we walked by they started barking. A lot. In a threatening way. Coming right after the waitress at breakfast warned us that they would leap out of the water, grab your leg, and pull you in the water (not in a scaring-the-tourist kind of way, just in an everyday fact kind of way. Like, “The sky is blue. It is cold out. Those sea lions will eat your faces off.”) it was scary. I was seriously worried for Toby. He’s bite-sized. Another crabber who was a local out there warned us against them when he saw us, telling us to protect Toby because he may be tempting for the sea lions to try, and they’ll grab anything that looks like food, even if they then spit it out. He also told me stories about people being stuck out on the dock ’cause the sea lions wouldn’t let them by. These things are big and fast. My dad remembers bad experiences with them, too, from all his history hunting and living on coasts. So yes. Scary. Very scary. We moved to another pier, which was better, but I still freaked out every time they popped up and pulled Toby away from the edge. Especially after they attacked the crab pot as the hubby was pulling it up and tugged on it, fighting the bait off. Did. Not. Like. The. Sea lions. They’re a lot cuter on TV, through the safety of the screen.

Aside from that, though. things were really fun. Toby had a blast, even picking up crabs by the legs and pulling them back from the water by the end. We started having to hold him back, because he’d see the pots come up and leap to…attack. It was so cute watching him paw at their hard shells, bemused. He had so much fun. And my dad and hubby spent some good time together.

Toby anxiously awaited the return of his boyz.

We ended up with 10 crabs: 4 dungeness and 6 red rock. My coworker, who received them all, reports they were quite [EDIT] delicious. I meant delicious. I’m tired. Disappointing starts with the same letter. End of edit. Obviously the dungeness were better, but even the red rock were good. Mmmmm, gross, disgusting crab.


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2 responses to “Not crabby, just crabbing

  1. Yeah watch out for those scary…sea lions….I guess since the only sea lions I’ve ever dealt with were in captivity maybe I’m just jaded. It sounds like you had a blast! And those pictures of Toby are adorable!

  2. This is an AWESOME post!! I’m glad everyone had a great time!

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