I am SO SICK of AT&T

Warning: Completely petty, childish rant ahead.

Seriously. This whole phone thing is pissing me the hell off.

My contract with AT&T was up in March. That means I was eligible for a new phone in December. December.

I decided to wait. The hubby said if I waited (his contract is up, I believe, in July) we may switch carriers. We could discuss it when it got closer. And my phone was still working and I liked it, so whatever. He brought it up, I wasn’t in a hurry, I figured good plan.

Evidently he couldn’t seriously mean it. What I didn’t factor in was how addicted to his iPhone he is. He loves apple products. He has a mac. He has an iPhone. He has an iPod. That pretty much covers the electronics he owns (minus video games, which apple doesn’t make). I don’t think he was lying. I just don’t think he really considered it.

Fast forward to about 9 weeks ago. My phone started dying. It had had two solid years of good use, and it was at the end of its life. I decided to get a smartphone. I am sick of having to call people for help when I’m out and need something off the internet. I am sick of not being able to have a back up for when my GPS craps out and I’m trying to get to a client’s house or appointment. I am sick of not having information I want available…when it causes me to have problems with clients. I am sick of not having a useful calendar. Just today someone called and wanted to sign up for a group class. I have one starting Tuesday, and then one starting….a few weeks later? On a Thursday? I couldn’t tell him. I was out and not at a computer. Just FRUSTRATING.

And obviously none of those things are necessary. But the hubby has them. We can afford for me to have them. It would help me with Companions a lot. It’s kind of becoming expected for small business owners, etc. And I want them.

So if I’m going to have them, I want them on a good phone. I use a phone for two years, I want to love it for those whole two years. Until it started dying I loved my current phone. Even though it’s not smart.

Enter AT&T. They have the iPhone, so they don’t get off their lazy asses and push to get any other quality phones out there. Go to cnet’s top 5 list of phones. The top 1 is the iPhone. The next 3 are all Verizon. That pretty much sums it up. Verizon doesn’t have the iPhone, but it has three really good choices, depending on your preferences. AT&T has exclusivity to the iPhone, so they enter negotiations with any other phone company like I did my interview with the pet store: might as well make a token effort and see what happens, if it doesn’t go through it’s no big deal. I don’t know any smartphone users who choose AT&T over Verizon unless they want an iPhone. AT&T’s network isn’t as good for call or voice, and their other phones all suck.


I was looking for phones. First I only looked at AT&T. Because I didn’t want to fall in love with something else when AT&T would be simpler and hubby could just keep his iPhone. I found one phone I thought I’d love. Til I played with it. And realized the touch screen barely worked. And was glitchy. And the phone was really s.l.o.w. Unfortunately, that was the best AT&T had (aside from the iPhone, of course).

Hubby says, lets go check out Sprint and Verizon, they each have phones I’d be interested in possibly! Great, we go check it out. Sprint has the Palm Pre. Hubby says no, but it intrigues me. Go to Verizon. Hubby doesn’t like the DROID. They have the Palm Pre Plus, which appeals to me a lot. I like the size, I like the interface, it’s pretty cool. Of course, it has no home screen like I like, it’s slow, it’s got an awkward keyboard, the touch screen isn’t all that awesome and is small, and the company is going under…but hey, I was happy to go with it. By far the best I’d seen, and it was so small! Of course, it’s on Verizon. At this point the hubby points out that it’s coming out “soon” on AT&T. OK, cool. I’ll wait for it.

It’s still not available on AT&T. Probably within the month.

Of course, by now, it’s no longer new. It’s no longer great technology. I mean, still good. But not great. And all the little things I don’t like about it are there.

Verizon releases the Droid Incredible. Which is incredible. I mean, you’ve got to have balls to put that in your name. You better live up to it. And they do. It is amazing. Lightening fast, even when the demo one today had about 30 apps running in the background, a totally new page loaded in under 2 seconds on the internet. Beautiful touch screen. Nice dimensions, so it actually feels like a phone, unlike the wide, bulky, slippery iPhone, and even the Palm Pre Plus to some extent. Amazing home screens. Even better form factor for fitting in my pocket. Gorgeous interface with a bajillion possible home screens, each with a bajillion possible widgets which run all the time. Like…a calendar. So I can see all my appointments for the day every time I open my phone. Or see a week. Or a month. Amazing. Amazing. Plus it’s built by HTC. Who make super solid phones.

I love this phone.

Of course, now we’re closer to actually switching to Verizon, and hubby realizes he really doesn’t want to do that. Because he loooooooooooooves his iPhone. Loves it. He likes apple products. He likes how they flow. And even though he admits the Incredible does, basically, every single thing he wants with a slightly more boring music player, he doesn’t want to give up his iPhone. He likes the status symbol. He just likes being able to say he has an iPhone. He likes pulling it out and getting the admiring looks. If there were two identical phones, one apple, one not, he’d pick the apple. Even if the apple were slightly inferior, he’d pick the apple. (From what I can see, the Incredible is superior to the iPhone…but it’s not an iPhone).

Oh, and PS, AT&T is supposedly coming out with the HTC Desire (basically an Incredible with a weaker camera)….”soon.” Sound familiar? Yeah, like what AT&T said months ago with the Palm Pre Plus. Or has been going to release Android phones “soon” since the beginning of the year and has thus far released….one. See what I mean? They keep releasing what Verizon, and other carriers, have, but months later. Or just stupid, glitchy phones no one really likes. Oh, and PPS, they haven’t even officially said for sure that they’re releasing the Desire. They may not end up doing it. Who knows.



One of us has to lose.

Either he gives up the phone he loves and gets an Incredible.

Or I give up the phone I love and get a Palm Pre Plus.

Or we pay a shit-ton a month extra to be on separate networks. (Not an option given budget)

Or I wait another…..indefinite amount of time. Until they possibly release the phone.

So………how do we decide? I have more actual “reasons” to dislike my second-choice phone….but he has the whole status-thing which balances that out.

Last night we say, OK, go to Verizon. It’s a good phone. He’ll be annoyed a bit when he first transitions, and when the new iPhone comes out, but he’ll be fine, and he recognizes it’s a really good phone that does everything he wants.

Today I go to play with the Incredible a bit more. While the hubby comes to join me he stops and talks to a random AT&T guy at a store. Who is a salesman. And tells him 1) They are going to be releasing Android phones (duh, they announced that at the beginning of the year) 2) They will be releasing at least one from HTC but he doesn’t know which, possibly the Desire (again, duh, they announced that at the beginning of the year) 3) The iPhone is expected to be announced June 7, and by then they expect the HTC phone(s?) to have been released 4) They expect very little lead time on announcing the HTC phone(s?). As in they announce it and it’s available like the next day.

What I take from this: No new credible information, except a single salesman’s guess as to when things will be announced. Nothing else is new, it’s just regurgitaed press releases with a positive tint, and none of it is something that can be counted on since the salesguy working at the mall does not have insider info.

But it’s credible enough to make us re-assess. Because if the Desire is coming out within 5 weeks…well…it makes sense for me to wait and get the Desire (assuming it’s not totally sucky…which it (probably) wouldn’t be since we have the specs, but again, little things, like how AT&T loads down all their phones (except the vaunted iPhone) with bloatware (aka crap) that you can’t get off….or how the actual phone function is unknown, you know, talking and listening? Important since I use it to talk with clients) so hubby can keep his iPhone. Ideally, we both get exactly what we want.

Of course, like I said, they haven’t even guaranteed the Desire is coming to them. And it could be a 5 week wait only to have no phone, and the new iPhone announced and the hubby wanting it more. And 5 more weeks of me not having a phone that is fully functional, ignoring the not-smart bit. Or, in other words, waiting almost half a year past when I could have gotten a new phone, to still not get one. And possibly, at that point, to be told again it’s just a “few weeks more.” And not having the opportunity to use and enjoy with this cool new phone (Incredible) now that it’s out.

I realize this is all petty. It is not a big, life problem. And my life just got better.

I know it doesn’t matter.

I know it’s not important.

But dammit, on a superficial level it is important. And it is important to each of us.

And because of that, right now it’s a constant source of tension.

And there’s no right answer.

And it’s only a problem because AT&T won’t get off their fat asses and push to get quality products aside from the iPhone out.

Oh, have I mentioned that the Desire already exists (basically) on T-Mobile? So it’s not like they’re trying to transition the kind of phone (Sprint and Verizon run on one type of network, AT&T and T-Mobile on another). It exists. They just don’t care enough to work to bring it out. Or to even tell their customers they’re bringing it out.


So sick of the tension and stress and being on the fence.

And it isn’t the hubby’s fault. He’s volunteered to say screw it and just go to Verizon. But he doesn’t want to. And I know he doesn’t. And every time he thinks of giving up his iPhone it makes him really upset, because it’s important to him. And I understand that. It’s the same way it makes me upset to think of not having an Incredible. And with this new, dubious information….I just can’t justify making the move. Not without more info. But it pisses me off that I feel that way. And my guess is, best case scenario, AT&T comes out with the Desire, but makes it less user-friendly by filling it with bloatware and making yahoo crap the default everything and such, and it’s an inferior phone on an inferior network. But it’s worth settling for so hubby doesn’t have to give up his status symbol.

Which yes, I resent a little.

But I realize that’s childish. Because what I’m talking about giving up in that scenario is really no more major.

Assuming it still works as a phone.


UPDATE: Just to say it again, not mad at hubby. He is being wonderful and totally offering to go to Verizon. He can recognize that in many ways it makes sense. I just feel guilty about such a thing, especially when there’s a good chance that one day after my trial time with the Incredible is up, the Desire would come out. And quite frankly, the Desire may be exactly the same, or even better. Who knows. I’m just sick of being kept up in the air by AT&T. They have really given off an aura of not giving a damn for the past 2+ months I’ve been looking for a phone, in practice, policy, and the employees I’ve talked to. In summary: Hubby = awesome, AT&T = douchebags


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  1. ATT= Bad Services, I was stop using ATT since 2002 and switch to T-Mobiles. Thanks

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