OK, well, first off, thank you for letting me whine last post. I realize it’s unattractive, especially when whining over not having the best of something I’m totally lucky to have in the first place. I recognize all of that. But it was still frustrating me, and I’m someone who has to talk about things. Once I do, and get it out, I feel better, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. So that was just a massive brain dump of what is really a minor frustration, but has been niggling at me while totally stressed about other things and thus got blown out of proportion.

So in short: Thanks for listening to my temper-tantrum.

Moving on, I’m now a stay at home…wife. Anyhoo, I’m going to be shopping more. And our income is smaller. And I really want to get into the coupon game that many of you blog about. ’cause it seems like, when done right, it can be awesome! My problem is I have noooooo idea how to do it right. None. At all. I’ve always been in the, “Well I’ve got a coupon, but I can just buy store-brand for less anyway, so why use it?” or the “Is it really worth digging through a bajillion papers to save $0.20 on something?” categories of coupon-users. But then I read about some of you who save all kinds of money, and I want to be like you!

Shameless begging: How do you do it??? Can you point me somewhere? Give me advice? I live in the Seattle-area, I don’t even know if most coupons are national or regional!

Any input would be very, very appreciated!


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  1. Go to www[dot]southernsavers[dot]com. Because that is exclusively for the south, I recommend sending the blog author (Jennie?) an email and see if she recommends any good sites for you up there.

    Also, the author of one of the other blogs I follow (iHeartPublix) writes several others and is very well connected. She’s got some of those connections directly in her blog, otherwise, again I suggest an email. I’m too new in the coupon arena to intelligently answer better.

    Investigate these two blogs listed above just to give you a flavor of how your reference sites should look/work. Also, there are coupon basics on both that aren’t just applicable to a particular region.

    Many good couponers teach classes, usually for a fee of $10-$15. It’s well worth that!

    As a last resort you can try thecoupongame[dot]com, but use only as a last resort because she charges a monthly subscription fee and I’m not sure she covers your area.

    In the meantime, I recommend a subscription to your largest local paper and keeping the coupon sections out of them. Date those sections and keep them in a file by date making them easier to find.

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