Freedom agrees with me

Life is nice. Life is very nice. Way more peaceful. Way more happy. Not yet more rested, but just….not stressed. It’s weirding me out. Yesterday the hubby got home while I was preparing dinner and was unsettled. His explanation was that I was standing, and I was smiling, and I was talking to him when he got home. None of which I normally do when he gets home. And that he’s used to having to take care of me…yet I was preparing dinner. That’s awesome :-D I love smiling. I love not feeling like I’m going to fly into a million pieces all the time. I love making dinner. I love having things a little bit under control. I love not feeling hopeless. It’s awesome.

See? Look what I can do when I have energy.

OK, so the chicken was from the store. So was the soup. But I made the salad from scratch! And I stopped and got them all! And laid them out! And today I even replaced those Christmas placemats with bright, happy summer ones! They make me happy every time I see them, they’re so summer-y! And, of course, blue. Plus I cooked a real dinner today. Mmmm. Home-cooked food. The biggest problem is that there are only two of us. It’s hard to cut down recipes enough we aren’t eating it all week. Especially when I use the crock-pot like tonight (I was out from 5 to 9). Oh well! Mmm, food!

Plus I love training. Love it. Love it. I had a class tonight that went really well and was lots of fun. Then I had the three students in my next class show up for their first no-dogs information class. And they were awesome. I’m so looking forward to working with them! And one of them also recommended her daughter to my class, so they’re two of the three students. She told me in class that she sent my website to her sister who lives on the East coast and is also a trainer, to have her check me out, and her sister, who is very critical, raved about me and said I was awesome. Now granted, she hasn’t met me, but that made me feel really good! Especially since I’ve been feeling self-conscious about my website. :P I stayed after class and talked with those two for awhile, they all seem really interested, it should be fun! Tuesday nights are going to be great: awesome class 1, awesome class 2, Glee!

Speaking of which, thank you, Glee, for not sucking this week. Average is acceptable.

Back to topic, my time is now available, as is my energy, so I’ve decided to start fixing up my space. Slowly. Today I filled the ash tray planter outside of my space with $15 worth of flowers. It’s so pretty! And even though people still felt the need to smoke right outside Companions, they did NOT put their butts in my planter! Oh no! They dropped them on the ground right outside of Companions!


But still, pretty, right?

Next I’m hoping (praying) to paint. I really want to paint. There’s a woman in the shopping center I’m in who has said she’ll paint for me for free if I provide the paint…it sounds too good to be true! I heard it second-hand from the doggie daycare owner (the three of us have been advertising/supporting each other a lot), now I need to talk to this woman and find out what the details are :-) I just hate that you walk in and see…crap. Want to see my space? Want to see how nice it looks? Here are some shots:

Yeeeeah, that white-ish looking color? That’s a very sickly pink. Pink. And you gotta love all the holes in the walls. What the hell were they doing? Why the random big holes? I mean, the small ones are ugly, but I get it. They were for hanging stuff. But why the big ones sprinkled around? So confused. Another favorite is a spot in the tissue-paper wall (for all intents and purposes) where there’s a line of nail holes…and then a spot where they smashed the hammer through the wall. Classy! Or how there clearly used to be a base-board running around the room…until someone ripped it off the wall…and left all the glue in place. So yeah, I’m all over the paint thing. I’d like people to come in and not get worried :P

Toby’s also liking me being home more. Yesterday he was touching me aaaaaaall day. I’m sitting in bed, he’s laying on my feet. I’m on the couch, he’s laying against my side. When he’s not in my lap. You get the idea. He usually likes to cuddle, but not quite to this extent! I think he’s so happy I’m home, and he’s afraid I’m going to disappear! It’s adorable :-) I love my Toby cuddles! I mean, look how cute he is!

This is what I get for playing nice at the dog beach???

He got his haircut today. I am a very happy mommy.

Lastly, I like celebrity Jeopardy!, it makes me feel smart.

PS Want to see the last two years of my life?

There you go.


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4 responses to “Freedom agrees with me

  1. YAY!!!! Happiness!!

    It makes me so happy to hear about all this. I’m really tired right now else I’d think of other adjectives but for right now I’ll stick with something simple.

    It makes me happy that you are happy. :D

    Also, Toby is adorable.

    What color are you going to paint everything? I’m assuming some sort of blue here but you never know. Are you going to get one solid color? A couple varying shades? An accent wall? Designs? I’m soooooo interested it’s ridiculous.

    Also, good job on the good food. And keep on sending recipes that you like. I need to eat healthy as well and any help I can get is appreciated.


    Ok. Super sleepy. Just know that I’m crazy happy for you and that I <3 you lots and lots.



    • I <3 you lots and lots and lots.

      I don't know how I'm going to paint! I meant to ASK that in this post, oops! I want to do a blue, because 1) my logo and 2) I'm me. But I don't want it to look like a kids room. Hmmm. This woman who would paint would paint like little things on the wall, too. In the daycare she painted the bottom half bright blue and the top half white, and then painted bones and dog bowls in blue on the white section going around the room. Very very cute. You walk in and go, "Ooooh, a dog place!" Not "Oooh, is that a gross cinderblock wall?" :P

      Any ideas would be VERY APPRECIATED!

  2. Stephanie

    Hey! Sorry it’s taken me so long to write back. When I get an email notification about your comment there is no email to reply to (it just says ‘’ or something). So anyway, about your question. The vitamins I take are called Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals (without Iron) by Nature’s Sunshine. They have lots of good stuff in them, and a lot of it too. I compared it to a Women’s One a Day bottle that I have and they have TONS more percentage in them. :) Definitely exercise helps me too. I work out about 4-5 times a week and it feels great.

    • Thank you! I’ll have to check them out! My biggest thing is I HAAAATE swallowing pills. Hate it. Haaate it. And all vitamins are GIANT. So then I stop taking them :P I’ll check out what these are like…now I’m off to exercise…in theory :P

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