More coveting

OK, so I know I’ve been whining a lot about material things. This isn’t whining. It’s not. This is dreaming. Very different.

Do you know what I want for my birthday?

Roomba. You are so beautiful. I hate my dirty floors. But I also hate vacuuming. Thus, my dilemma. I must admit, the thought of pressing “clean” every morning..or evening..or whenever…and having clean floors is alluring. Just cleaning them regularly, so there’s not a month’s worth of dirt sitting in there all the time. Who are we kidding…6 month’s dirt. …in good years. We got a vacuum when we got married…but it sucks. Or rather, doesn’t (wa-waaaaaaa). It’s so not worth the effort of vacuuming to get marginally cleaner floors. So, if we’re getting a new vacuum…why not one that does a better job than I ever could? And that I would use more regularly? Of course, we’re not just getting a new vacuum. Ours (mostly) works. But boy I’d like to. I hate folding the laundry, because I feel like putting it on the floor as it piles up just re-dirties it. Oh, dreams of clean floors.

Anyone out there have one? Any thoughts? I’m so tempted. And I do have some Christmas money…and a birthday coming up…*stares off dreamily*



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2 responses to “More coveting

  1. Stephanie

    my sister in law has one! it seems to work great. i just wonder if it would be ok on our carpet because my pomeranian seriously leaves black hair everywhere. but we don’t even see it until we vaccum, then it’s all stuck in the bag and stuff. i’d love to try one though!

  2. travelnole

    My husband scoffs every time we see the commercials and says there’s no way it works….. But I really want it to and I really want one! I love clean floors, hate vacuuming, have a very hairy cat….

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