I love being a girl!

Man, sometimes being a girl is nice. Looking feminine and helpless can get me a lot of help from random male strangers. I think I wrote before about how proud I was of myself for changing my own headlight…aka going to buy the headlight and looking confused as I ask questions about how to put it in, leading to one of the (naturally male) employees to volunteer to put it in for me, despite the big sign outside that says “NO WORKING ON CARS IN THE PARKING LOT” and, I believe, a smaller one that said employees could not work on your car for you. Oh, and that happened while two other employees and a customer were working on my rearview mirror (it had fallen off and I had to remove a little plate on the back so I could glue that back on first).

Well today, I was reminded again of how nice it can be. I go to Lowes to buy some treated lumber for the raised garden bed I’m going to build (with hubby’s help, of course, thanks, hubby!) and wheel the 8′ long pieces out to my car. My little Hyundai Sonata. Very big for a sedan..but it’s still a sedan. I lift up the lumber and start to walk towards my car, bound and determined to get it in (somehow), and a stranger calls out, “Excuse me! How far away do you live?” I tell him about 5 minutes, and he asks what direction, and if it’s near a nearby landmark. I say yes and he tells me he’s going that way and could drive my lumber in his truck. Well, sure! Now, the guy seemed nice, but still, he followed me in his truck, and the instant I was in my car I texted the hubby so he knew a strange man was following me home in case I didn’t text back within 15 minutes to tell him he was gone. Anyway, the guy is just a local contractor, so he left me his number in case I need future work, and was on his way. Awesome! Didn’t have to get my car all dirty or anything!

Now hopefully my house doesn’t get broken in to. Oh well. At least if he comes back and steals my car it will be clean!



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7 responses to “I love being a girl!

  1. Erica

    Lol. Isn’t it great. I love getting help like that from random nice strangers. :D

    And now you have a card for a contractor just in case you need one. Win win :D

  2. That is fantastic! It’s always nice when strangers offer to help, and often very surprising too!

  3. SS

    How long have you used men and abused this habit? You seem comfortable with it, so I’m going to guess you’re not giving it up.


    • Nope, no intention of giving it up. Yesterday I wasn’t even looking for help, I was hefting around 8′ pieces of lumber on my own, totally prepared to stuff them in my car. This guy came out of nowhere and volunteered. With the car I was kind of hoping for some help with the light because I had no freaking clue how to do it, but I didn’t really expect any, I was asking questions because I genuinely needed to know how to do it and they knew. With the mirror it’s a standard service that they’ll get the pieces apart for you, it was just that a second employee and a customer volunteered to help, too, that amused me. But honestly, that had as much to do with the fact that it was a really weird fastening that no one could figure out as it did that it was my mirror.

      I learned long ago to stop getting bent out of shape when guys offer to help me. I am always going to be viewed with a bit of pity and over-helpfulness simply because I’m female, and I’m always going to have to prove myself more ’cause of it (especially when I worked in the very male-dominated field of engineering). There have been times I’ve had people be over-helpful in such stores when I knew EXACTLY what I was doing and could do it, and just needed to be pointed in the right direction to pick up what I needed…but since I was female, esp. times I ducked in while wearing a skirt for another reason, guys were so un-helpful in trying to help out the poor, confused, unknowledgeable little girl it was extremely frustrating. So I can either get pissy about all the downsides and refuse to accept any upsides, or I can say, screw it, it is how it is, and accept the downsides and upsides both, while still working to prove myself and even things out. He drove my lumber, but I helped load/unload it in his truck. Not pulling the damsel in distress. It’s not like I’m flirting my way out of traffic tickets, hell, it’s not even like I’m hot :P But in this situation, the guy was going the same way as me, he had a big truck and could haul my lumber easily, rather than getting my car all messy, if I could even fit it inside. It was maybe 2 minutes extra time for him. I would have offered the same to anyone if the roles were reversed. Guys wouldn’t have offered to each other, though, because silly machismo gets in the way.

      So in short: Back the hell off.

      • SS

        I was only kidding. Sorry to have riled you up. I really didn’t mean any harm. I happen to think it’s so nice when strangers help each other. Myself, I’ve avoided offering single women, unless they appear older than me, because their body language exhudes, “STAY AWAY FROM ME, YOU FILTHY DUDE!” The older women probably want to prey on me. ;-) Kidding. Again.

      • Well then, I’m very sorry :-P I almost added something on the end that said, “Unless you’re being sarcastic, in which case, ignore all of the above.” :P I have gotten some people seriously giving me crap for accepting help from guys, both from guys and from girls, and so I’m a weeeeeee bit sensitive.

        Silly internet for not having a sarcasm emoticon. Sorry again for jumping down your throat.

      • Hubby

        I call bullshit, Eileen. You most decidedly *are* hot. And I would know. :D

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