So in, about, the week before I left work I started noticing that my eyes felt weird. Especially after staring working at my computer for awhile. I figured I was forgetting to blink. Sounds funny. But when I was younger and learning how to play viola, my teacher commented on how, when I played, I didn’t blink for the entire song. At this point songs were only about 60 seconds long, so it wasn’t that big a deal. But still. I’ve noticed that that’s still true when I play Rock Band other instruments. But typically I can remind myself to blink often enough. I’ve never felt weird from it.

Recently it feels like pressure behind my eyes, they get dry, often it’s like a headache behind them.

And then, in the past few days, I’ve realized it’s not just from not blinking. I’ve been keeping my eyes extra-wide. And kind of tucking my chin and looking up to see forward.


This is weird. And my eyes are getting tired. I think tired is the best word for it. Too wide + not enough blinking. And now it happens all the time, not just when I’m at my computer.

Where is this coming from? And how do I teach myself to blink? Isn’t that supposed to be one of those automatic things?? It’s like forgetting to breathe. Which come to think of it, I also do sometimes. Huh.

I think the best way to summarize is: wtcrap???

This completely random post brought to you by: my tired brain!


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5 responses to “Weeeeeird

  1. Hey Sweetie,

    Check your medication. Sometimes depression meds will exacerbate an already existing condition. I had the same problem when I started taking meds for BPD The doctors played around with them and found a substitute that worked just as well.

    • Wait, the same problem as in the same problem with your eyes? Odd. It seems weird to me that such side-effects would be showing up NOW, since I’ve been on these meds for…8 months now? Well, I want to start weaning off the meds anyway, so we’ll see if that helps… :-)

  2. Jen

    Um…when was your last eye exam? You really should talk to an optometrist. And this is coming from someone who is ticked off at western medicine on a regular basis!

    • Um….three years ago? The thing is, I have bad vision. Astigmatism. But I’m not near- or far-sighted…it’s just all fuzzy. So glasses can’t do a lot for me. I always go in, they say there’s not much they can do, I get glasses, and my prescription changes w/in 6 months so even that little help is gone :P But maybe I should try again…*sigh*

  3. Jen

    YES! GO! LOL! Your eyes may have changed. Probably, actually. It’ll rule out weirdo things like glaucoma and icky scary stuff. Good grief. LOL ;) GO!

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