I am *this close* to leaving Facebook

Read this article and you’ll see why.

And be aware that anything you put on facebook now, including photos of your children or a comment about your boss, has the potential to be shown to the whole wide world. All it takes is the right keywords. You may not mind, but you should know. I have the tightest possible security/privacy settings on everything except my website (links to Companions), and yet when I put up a status with one of the keywords in the title, it linked to a public page. No way to avoid it.

I’m all for something like this. Could some developers please design an open facebook-like thing? I’d ditch the current for that in a second.

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One response to “I am *this close* to leaving Facebook

  1. I have a big tendency to behave myself on FB. I’m very cautious what gets posted.

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