Excuse me while I go scratch…

This afternoon I went to meet with a private client. She doesn’t speak English very well, and has a new puppy, so I’ve been trying to communicate with her about typical new puppy behavior with lots of gesturing and repetition. She has a tiny little puppy who loooooves climbing all over me, nipping my toes and fingers and nose and everything else reachable, and rubbing against every inch of my clothing.

Today was our second meeting. After an hour of work, I ask if she has any more questions.

Client: “Why..she….scratch? I took to vet, gave this, now scratch?”

Me: “The vet gave you something for her and now she’s scratching? What did they give you?”

Client: “Yes. They give this.” She hands me a little bottle.

Me: “OK, why did this give you this?”

Client: “Ticks? Ticks?”

Me: “She had a tick?” Odd, I didn’t notice.

Client: “Yes, ticks. Little black spots.”

Oh no. Nonononono.

Me: “When? Is this so she does NOT have a tick in the future? Or she has a tick now?”

Client: “Yes, now, ticks.”

Me: “CRAP!” Oh wait, I just thought that…

Me: “Does she have fleas or ticks? Can you show me?”

Client: Starts searching on legs, pulling back hair, looking around.

Me: “Does she have fleas or ticks?

Client: Blank stare.

Me: “Ticks, there are usually one, or two, they bite, and they stay in one place. Fleas, there are a lot, and they’re little black spots that move around.”

Client: “Yes! That! Fleas.”

F***! Have I mentioned this dog has been climbing all over me for an hour?

Every square inch then began itching. I sat on my hands so I didn’t scratch. *shudder*

I explained how fleas bite, and it itches, and so she scratches.

And then I went home and cuddled my puppy. Oh yeah. His flea medication on order from Australia, and it better be flying through the air now!

Any fleas that rode along, listen good: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIIIIIIIIIIIE!

That is all.



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