Working less is nice!

OK, so do we all remember how I quit my job so I could work less and be less stressed out? Because I used to spend from approximately 8-4:30 at work, and be out of my home from approximately 7-5:30? And I was exhausted?

Let’s go over my schedule today…

Leave home at 8:10.

Work 8:30 – 1:30 at (super duper awesometastic) new retail job, getting my brain stuffed full of facts because the people at this store are actually educated to a high degree about pet nutrition, among other things. Seriously, y’all, I have a 500-ish page textbook I have to read cover-to-cover. In preparation for my 5 hour training lecture I’ll get in a couple months in-depth on nutrition. And I love it!

Frantically drive north for appointment at 2.

Get infested with fleas until 3.

Get home at 3:30.

Total this far: work – 6 hrs, travel – 1 hr 20 min, total – 7 hr 20 min

Go buy awesome new cell phone which is sold out and should ship before end of the month and eat dinner.

Leave home at 6:40.

Teach classes from 7-9:20.

Get home at 9:40.

Total: work – 8 hr 20 min, travel – 2 hr, total – 10 hr 20 min.

Yeeeeeah, I think I need to re-look-up the definition of “less.”

But you know what’s awesome? Awesome?

I loved it all.

And I can’t wait to do something very similar again tomorrow! :-D

(As a note, once my training at retail is done in a few weeks my schedule daily should be less crazy. I am working a LOT this week to get training in, and on nights when I’ve already got clients/classes. And you know what? Even if I have a day like this a couple times a week…it’s not every. freaking. day. I can plan around a few crazy days. :-D )


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  1. Sounds like a busy, busy day! But I’m glad you enjoyed it. It always helps to enjoy what you do!

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