What Not To Wear

I have been watching a lot of What Not To Wear recently, what with being home more and chillaxing.

And I have decided: I would like to be nominated.

I want two people to come and help me learn what looks good on my body!

I want help learning what to shop for so I don’t walk into stores and just..shut down.

I want to get dressed in the morning and be proud to walk out the door!

See, right now, I kind of…just…buy what fits. And is cheap. And hope it looks good. And usually, when I first get a piece, I really like it. And then, after awhile…I don’t. Probably because it gets worn out. Because while I have approximately 432,548,235 shirts, there are only about 3 that I like at any one time, and I wear them constantly!

But when I go out feeling like I look good, I love it! My whole day is happier and I feel more confident! I stand straighter, I smile more and it’s just good. It also helps that now I’m more rested. I have the energy to put more effort into making outfits. Yesterday I put myself together for my long day at work, and completed it with a necklace I’ve had and loved, but haven’t ever worn, and…I just felt like I looked good! I would catch a glimpse of myself coming back inside from hauling 30 pound bags of dog food out to customers’ cars and straighten up and grin. Awesome.

I want more clothes that I feel like that in!

I would happily throw away all of my current clothes to get tips on how to buy new ones. You can even humiliate me on national TV! I can cry or something if that would up ratings! I’d do it all for Stacy and Clinton’s advice!

Oh, and $5,000 to practice.

Heck, I’d even be happy without my own personal consult, but just buying a new wardrobe from the tips I’ve gotten from the show!

So, who wants to donate the $5,000?


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