My new garden!

You’re jealous. I know you are. Because I have a shiny new garden! Well, it’s not really shiny…but, you know, it is new! The hubby and I built it over the last week.

Here it is coming to

Four walls

Toby was a good helper!

Such sweet puppy kisses :-)

Sure mom, I'll pose.


Back to the garden, here's the bed newly assembled...with Toby for scale.

ASSEMBLED! In place, just waiting to be pounded in. It only took a few hours of pounding by the wonderful hubby...*tugs collar*

All assembled, in ground, and full of (lots of very heavy) dirt!!

And here it is, growing fresh veggies for me and my sweet hubby!

We're growing tomatoes...

Orange, yellow, and red bell peppers...

Complete with baby peppers! Amazing what $4 will buy you at Fred Meyer...

Strawberries (also amazing what $1.50 gets you!)...

And corn!

Mmmm, yummy veggies to come!



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3 responses to “My new garden!

  1. Beautiful…simply beautiful! You’ll be amazed at how fast it grows, and how therapeutic it is!

  2. Erica

    Yay! It’s very pretty. :D I’m glad it’s done. :D

  3. That looks fantastic!! Hooray for vegetables!

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