Life is Good!

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Have you seen the Life is Good stores? I love them! You can’t help smiling when you see their stuff. Being in their store is just FUN!

So I’m going to write about Life is Good, and definitely not even mention what an idiot I am for knocking Toby’s rake-type brush with a row of hard metal prongs on the floor and then stepping on it so hard it was dangling from my heel and blood was oozing out.

Nope. Not mentioning that. If you hear whimpering while reading this, I have no idea where it’s coming from.

Moving on.

Have I mentioned I love the Life is Good store? Really. It’s awesome. You should go check it out. Just recently my hubby brought me a Life is Good treat pouch while on a trip.

My treat pouch! Except mine is orange, because…that’s what they had :-)

P.S. You can click on any picture to go to the product page.

I love it! And I get compliments when I wear it to work :-)

I’m now looking for a little water bottle I can carry around with me, a smaller one, prolly nalgene-esque, so we stopped at the Life is Good store last weekend. They didn’t have any pattern I loved, so the hubby suggested I go look online.

Biiiiig mistake.

Look at all the cool stuff I found! Let’s start with some t-shirts:

This reminds me of my afternoons/evenings on the dog beach with my favorite student and our dogs :-)

I love this! I want to take as much simple joy from life as dogs do from things like this.

So simple yet so happy.

Love them! I promise not all the shirts are dog-esque…they’re just the ones I tend to like ;-) There are sooooo many other great ones! Here’s a few I might not get first, but I love for other people.

Here’s one for the many people I know who have Haiti close to their hearts. It’s a fund-raiser, too. The shirt says, “Optimism has no borders.”

It’s pink, it has a horsey, and it says “Life is good.” Poifect for my bestest bud Hot Momma.

Here’s one for my brand new sister-in-law, who just married my brother, the classical guitarist.

I just love this shirt, but I hate outside and the bugs that love me, so I’d feel like a hypocrite wearing it :-P

OK, moving past t-shirts, look at this cool stuff!

Socks with hearts and Life is Good, love them!

Super-cute earrings.

Love the summery glasses!

Use reuseable shopping bags? Here’s a cute one that supports kids.

I love the “Do what you like. Like what you do.” tagline on a lot of their stuff!

So there’s just some of their stuff that I love. It makes me happy when I see it. Sometimes, such a simple reminder is just what I need! Plus I could wear a doggie shirt to work…hmmm…work expense…;-)

Hope something on here made you smile!

Note: The Life is Good store has no idea that I exist. At all. I have received nothing for this glowing recommendation. Though if they did notice me, and wanted to give me some freebies, I would be totally down with that. You know, in case you know someone there you could pass that along to. But I promise I’d tell you all in the extremely (un)likely event that that happens.



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2 responses to “Life is Good!

  1. I miss being able to sit down and read your posts.
    I LOVE this clothing line and their compnay philosphy will make you fall in love with them even more.
    Hope life is treating you well. I’m looking forward to a nice long 3 day weekend to catch up on on my bloggy friends, i mean spend time with my family!

  2. Heh. Love that disclaimer at the end. I receive all kinds of emails asking me to review crud ala “Now Seen On TV” that I really have no interest in and have no idea how these people found my blog. But the things I actually DO like? Yeah… not getting that stuff for free. Those people don’t even know I exist.

    Thanks so much for your comment the other day about reading… I am in the same boat. I love plot-driven books for the same reason. And I even did a bit of acting in high school and college, I think because I was so interested in character motivation and emotions.

    Really appreciated you sharing your point of view – thanks!

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