Random Is-It-Really-Tuesday? Thoughts

Well Tuesdays are very busy for me, so I’ve had a hard time keeping up with RTTs. Today I forgot it even was Tuesday after the whirlwind of travel, but the posts in my reader say it is so here we go!

I love my new phone. LoveloveloveloveloveloveLOVELOVELOVELOVE it!!! It is so awesome. And amazing. It showed up early, literally minutes before we were leaving the house on Thursday to travel to Chicago. I’ve been using it since Saturday. And have I mentioned I LOVE it? Wow. It’s awesome. Thank you, Verizon.


My two weekends of travel were reversed from what I expected wrt fun. I was not looking forward to my brother’s wedding, and it was awesome. Awesome. Best wedding I’ve been to, excluding mine. They were just so. damn. HAPPY! Neither of them stopped smiling the entire time. It is impossible to not be happy at a wedding like that! Even if there is family drama with both families and it is spitting distance from Mexico in a state where we brought our passports just in case we didn’t look white unsuspicious enough. Last weekend of quiz bowl reading was meh. I think because I was so farking tired what with it being a group of the hubby’s friends who love to stay up til o-dark-thirty playing often stupid games since they need no sleep. So I was taking constant naps, even though I left early every night, I felt too anti-social not playing along at all. Lesson learned: if I go next year, don’t play along. Be your anti-social self. The fact that I punctured my heel Wednesday and spent the entire weekend walking with a cane so I didn’t collapse under the pain probably didn’t help, either.


We went to the MSI while in Chicago. Who wouldn’t want to go somewhere like this?

Oooooh! Weather room.

You know my favorite part? Watching two chicks be born. Aaaaaw…

Guess which egg hatched first? The one closer to the front of the photo. Not the one with the big hole already pecked out. That chick wanted it more!

Chick one breaks it open!

Chick two makes a break for it!

And he's out! See? Just look at the toe!

Chick one. Aaaaw...

Chick two claims freedom! With some nice eggshell accessories!

Chick one again. A-freaking-dorable!

Then they are de-slimed and turned into these!




I also saw this.

Pretty damn awesome. I love research that shows that happiness is more than a choice. Yes, you can choose to a large extent. But things like depression can take away a very large chunk of that choice.


I work at a pet store which is a foster home for kitties up for adoption from GGAA. There is one kitty named Parker. He is GORGEOUS. He and his brother were feral, but Parker is now perfectly nice, he just doesn’t like being picked up (his brother died). He is gorgeous. Just look at that coat!

A typical, alert Parker.

Look how striking his coat is! And the camera totally doesn't do it justice. The pattern is so unique!

He just brings a smile to my face with his joy at life. The way he moves, lounges, everything just exudes joy!

I have never been a cat person. (OK, take that back, I was obsessed with kitties as a child..but ever since being old enough to get a pet, cats didn’t really seem like it. Plus they shed. I’m spoiled with my non-shedding dog). But I kind of really want this one. Must…regain…senses…


Speaking of my non-shedding dog, he is zonked out at my feet. Zzzzz. He had a fun weekend with my favorite student and her dog. He was beside himself with excitement to see me….until his energy gave out and he collapsed. I love my puppy :-)


Please enjoy this brief intermission while Eileen goes to teach class. The post will resume in approximately one hour. Thank you.


Aaaah, that was nice. I love teaching. Even when I’m tired and don’t really feel like it. Moving on.


I love Glee!! It’s so awesome. My super-sweet hubby got me the Madonna CD one evening. Know why? Because I was run-down and having a bad day. That’s all. He knew I was down, so he got me a present. I love my hubby!

Anyway, I love the music. Love it. There are only 7 songs on the CD, and yet it’s in my car and I listen to it over and over. How can you not with songs like this?

(I’m grumpy I can’t find the video. Because it’s AWESOME. Just enjoy the music.)

“Satin sheets are very romantic, what happens when you’re not in bed?”

Mmmm, side-by-side with Madonna. Awesome.

OK, just one more:

Rachel and Finn, FTW!!!


I have a puppy class starting in 2 nights. I need more students. Desperately. Two just dropped out. Know anyone with a puppy who’d like a good puppy class in the North-of-Seattle area for a good deal? Send ’em my way! I’ll give them a deal and you some cash :-)


I’m watching this week’s Glee. It’s kind of lame thus far. Hoping it gets better.


Have I mentioned I love my phone? All the photos in this post were taken with it. Incredible, right?


I do random well when I’m sleepy. Zzzzzwhat? ‘night!


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4 responses to “Random Is-It-Really-Tuesday? Thoughts

  1. Love the little chickies!!

    And LOVE LOVE LOVE Glee!! Seriously, the best TV that EVER WAS.

    I freaking work Tuesday evenings, so I have to wait til Wed. when the kids go to bed to watch. As soon as their little heads hit the pillows, I tell hubby, “See ya in a bit, I’m watchin Glee”, at which point he rolls his eyes and turns the game on.

    How hard did you cry last week when Finn was so mean to Kurt and Kurt’s dad told Finn off?

    Gah. Bawled my eyes out.

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