Too True Tuesday – My Shameful Procrastination

This week, Essie has dared us to admit what we procrastinate on. Things we put off doing until the last second was days ago.

In the interest of time, I decided to just list what I DON’T procrastinate doing. Are you ready? Here’s my list:

Phew! Sorry if I went into too much detail there! Didn’t want to miss anything!

Seriously. I procrastinate doing EVERYTHING. Even things I WANT to do. Hungry? I’ll wait til I’m sick to go get food. Excited to go somewhere? I’ll wait until five minutes after when Google maps tells me I should leave. Wanted to get something done all week month year? When I finally have the time I’ll sit and stare at my often-blank computer screen instead.

Oh yeah. It’s that bad.

The most annoying procrastination for me or that I hate to leave somewhere. Even if I don’t want to be there, leaving is hard. So I will put off leaving until I’m late to wherever I’m going. And I HATE being late places, so then I’m all stressed out!

(I’m sure you can imagine how well that goes over with clients, too.)

So I try not to make extra stops. If I’m out I get all my errands done, because “just running into the house” will take all evening! And in these ways, I try to stay only a LITTLE behind.

And on the upside for my clients, it means they usually get more than the hour of training they paid for!

Now go on over to Essie’s and link up to play along! She lists housecleaning as her big procrastination…which I think is cheating. I mean, does anyone NOT put off housekeeping chores???


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6 responses to “Too True Tuesday – My Shameful Procrastination

  1. No really, I put housekeeping because the New York Times said it made me dysfunctional!!! Like, there are people who love to clean like the wind but have these sucky lives because they are addicted to the internet and so the inside of their garbage can gets grimey. I don’t even compare to that, I have ants that eat off a buffet inside my house!

    I like your list though, of things you don’t procrastinate. Clear, to the point, no excessive wordage.

    • Hahaha, this is true. That article was clearly written by men whose wives do all the housework. Their wives probably also get things like thighmasters and toilet bowl cleaners for anniversaries. ;-)

  2. I think the only way we are different is that instead of staring at a blank computer, I play Mah Jong. (Or I spend too much time trying to find something actually funny on YouTube.)

    But congratulations! Only 5 minutes after when you are supposed to leave! (Seriously, for someone with social anxiety, that seems like a major way-to-go!)

    • Ha! Well, it would be more impressive if I didn’t live somewhere with *traffic* ensuring the google maps estimate is short if anything. Plus, 5 minutes if often a good day :-P I downplay these things!

  3. I am terrible when it comes to writing. The internet is my biggest downfall. When faced with the prospect of a blank page, I’d just as soon check my email, go on Facebook, do crossword. Anything else. I’m not too bad about getting places on time, but I will leave at the last possible second, especially if it’s somewhere I really don’t even want to be in the first place.

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