Randoooh, look! Shiny!

It’s time to get your random on!

AT&T sucks balls. Jebus. Rather than come out with the HTC Desire (basically the HTC Incredible that I have and love) they came out with a far inferior version called the HTC Aria. I firmly believe that they don’t want to come out with anything that could be competitive with the iPhone, because they’re in the lap of Apple and if they offered the iPhone competition and sales dropped, Apple would become grumpy and drop the exclusivity with AT&T. And since the only way AT&T is staying afloat is being the only people with the iPhone, they can’t do that. However, sucks for me and my hubby. Either I go to a lousier phone, or he does (at least to his mind, which is valid), or we pay more. *sigh*

I hate AT&T.

But I love my Incredible!


Toby did AWESOME at agility last night! I finally figured out the reason he won’t play with any toys there – we’ve taught him not to! Well wow, that sure makes sense. *facepalm* See, he is o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with balls (my hubby likes to say it’s only fair, since we took his away…). And he loves his toys. But they’re small and get lost easily, or they’re soft and get dirty easily. So before we let him go outside to go potty or chase birds, we make him drop his toys. Finally I realized, he learned from this that the toys are not for outside! I grabbed his one outside toy and took it with us, he tugged like mad and RAN through the mini-course for the first time ever!! Yes! Here’s to figuring it out!


It feels like all of my friends are pregnant or have had kids. Well, all my married friends. Esp. the ones from college I’m still in contact with. One of my best buds has an almost one-year-old. Another college friend has two. My cousin has 3, with #4 on the way. Another college friend is adopting. Another is due very soon. Another just announced they’re pregnant. What married friends do I have left….none I can think of…I mean, one I met post-college, but none of the older friends. It’s odd. Especially since baby fever is in the air. And I have caught it. Hard. This is not helping, people!

I’m going to visit my best bud and her kiddo soon, though. That should put some sense back in me. What with the whole me-not-liking-infants thing :-)


I love cuddles from my puppy. His favorite bed is my foot rest. Then I get lovely foot cuddles. Life is good :-D


You know what’s awesome about your birthday? Free burger from Red Robin and free ice cream from Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone!

My diet’s going great, why do you ask?


I love my Wii Fit. I love playing a game and then going…ow…I’m sore…sweet!


Jon Stewart does a mean GWB impression.


I am sleepy. And thus random.


Y’all should go support my bestest bud, Erica. She got some shitty news today. We all need extra hugs sometimes…


Jon Stewart also does a pretty damn good Obama impression. Stupid Obama giving him a reason to use it! Hypocritical dumb-dumb. Oh, I get it, evidently Obama is Frodo! He just needs to take the presidency and throw it in the fire!  Unfortunately, he’s being stalked by a twisted creature trying to take back the precious…no, no, not Gollum…yeah, Palin, that’s it. ;-)


Jon Stewart, thank you for roasting everyone. This is why I love you :-D


No, I’m certainly not watching TV while I blog! I always give you lovely readers my full attention. Or, well, the full amount that isn’t taken up by TV.


My garden is doing so well! The corn is growing and growing, I’m shocked at how thick it is already! It’s also taller, but I notice the thickness more. The tomatoes are just getting flowers. The peppers have little peppers that are growing bigger. The strawberries…well…they keep producing fruit which is all soft by the time it turns red. That’s weirding me out, not sure what’s going on there. Oh well. 3/4 is pretty good!


OK, my random is growing too random, so it’s time for me to stop. ‘night all!!


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3 responses to “Randoooh, look! Shiny!

  1. Yay random! You are adorable.

    Also, I just got an email that you should probably keep an eye on your mail around the 18th.

    Just saying. ;)

    Also, no babies yet. Trust me… they are a lot harder to train then cute puppies. But you and Nathan will have adorable babies when you eventually do.
    I’m just having fun reconciling your general dislike of infants with baby fever. :) Hilarious results ensue.

    • True about babies, but they seem easier to crate train!

      Nathan says no clicker training for our babies. I’ll just have to do it when he’s not around. I mean, come on, it’s harmless!

      Yes, I am totally ready to be a mother. *grin*

      You are awesome :-D I <3 you!

  2. It took me a second to realize Tobey was a dog, I’m not familiar with agility. (My two canines are the laziest in the world. I think my neighbor called them cats a few days ago..) When I got to the part about taking his balls away… Too funny!

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