What the aych-ee-double-hocky-stick??

It’s time for my favorite meme-button!

The retail store I work in is also a foster home for kitties from a rescue. I have never been a cat person, but one kitty there has absolutely captured my heart! He is such a sweetie, and we love each other to death. He follows me around the store, and is just so full of life. I was almost ready to beg my hubby to let me bring him home. Then the girl who works in our store for the rescue put up his info sheet (he’s been at the store about a year now). Evidently he has to go home with another kitty. Because, by now, he likes other kitties. So his home has to have two. What the hell? He is fine. He likes people! He wants a home. Rather than living in the room upstairs in the store all alone most of the time, because the cat he lives with doesn’t get along with another kitty in the store and they can’t be out together, he could go live with a family who loved him and gave him regular attention, who he loved. But no. They won’t consider me, because, while I have a small dog he gets along with and could play with, and I’m home most of the day, I don’t have another kitty and I’m not willing to adopt two (remember, not a cat person). What. The. Hell. This organization does this aaaaall the time. They’re OBSESSIVE about kitties going together. Things like how 3 one-year-old cats came in. They’d lived together a year. So now they’re “bonded.” And someone has to adopt all three (physically identical) cats at once. Who wants three cats? Especially three cats that need frequent (expensive) teeth cleaning? Not many people. This drives me nuts. It means that kitties almost never move through our store. They come in, the organization puts ridiculous restrictions on how they have to go in groups, and no one ever takes them. *sigh*

Monday I got guts and called therapists. Tuesday I worked all day and missed all their calls back. Today one called me back. And I talked with her. And I agreed to an appointment. What the hell was I thinking? Minor freak out happening. First visit with a therapist in a week. Hope we get along and this isn’t another what the hell post for next Wednesday!

Now, click on the button go see the sisters and play along!


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2 responses to “What the aych-ee-double-hocky-stick??

  1. :-P Well that’s just stupid about the kitties. Crazy stupid. Yes, some cats need other cats. But not all cats do. Attention or other animals can do the trick. :-P That sucks and I’m sorry you can’t take home another fantastic animal.

    Hmmm… therapist. That will be interesting. I hope it goes well for you. Just remember that this one appointment doesn’t commit you and that should help you calm down. If you walk in and hate her or don’t really feel comfortable then you are free to go and she won’t begrudge you for it.

    <3 you sweetie.

  2. Ahh….I don’t like cats…kitties are ok, but cats can stay where they are. Besides, I’m allergic..or at least I say I am so I don’t have to get one when my children beg.
    And fyi, I put a feed follow button up in your honor on my blog :) I had no idea anyone would have the need…
    thank you! you made me feel special!
    As for the therapist….ummm….scary, but you can do it if you think it’s needed :) And you don’t have to go again if you don’t want to. Keep that in mind!

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