Exciting happenings!

Two very exciting things happened to me today! Or, well, I made them happen to me! Go me!

First, I canceled my visit with that therapist. She just gave me a bad vibe. I felt judged while I was talking to her, and I couldn’t shake the feeling icky. Remember how I freaked out after setting up the appointment? So I called three others, all of whom I felt way more comfortable talking to, and scheduled an appointment with one of them. Woo-hoo! When I hung up from scheduling that appointment I felt excited and am looking forward to it! Sounds more promising to me!

Second, after months of drooling, I bought myself the object of my dreams. Oh yes I did! Say hello to my new boyfriend!

Roomba 530

Oh yes I did! It should be here in a few short days! I would like to thank NewEgg.com for having it at a good deal, too!

So! Excited!

Wow, I really am an adult, if I’m getting this excited about a cleaning gadget :-P But more of this kind of an adult…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I have more excitement to come! In a few short hours I go to Reading with Rover to do my first dogless volunteer hour! My dog and I need to take the therapy dog test soon, and then hopefully we’ll be volunteers there with my favorite student!

This is a great day. I am so excited :-D


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One response to “Exciting happenings!

  1. Erica

    Yay! I’m glad that today is going well for you.

    Let me know how the Roomba works for you. I’ve heard only third or 4th hand stories about it so I have no idea if it is actually useful or not.

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