Random is my middle name!

I am addicted to Twilight. It’s a wonderful, wonderful addiction.


I can tell I’m tired because when I went to start this post I had a million things to say. Then I went to get the clipart. Now they are all gone.


My roomba is FRIKKIN AWESOME! It is SO SATISFYING to have clean floors! And, as a fringe benefit, the house is way more picked up, because I pick things up before letting the roomba loose. It is worth every penny and then some!


I am super excited that my favorite student’s dog is coming to stay with me for the weekend. She is a big black dog who is a total love, and my favorite student has done amazing things with her. This dog who didn’t know how to play and was too afraid to put her mouth on anything, who was dog-aggressive, is now a certified therapy dog who loves to do tricks and today played with a variety of dogs at the beach! I’m looking forward to getting some extra puppy love, from a dog who outweighs my Toby 10-1 :P


My garden is doing AWESOME!!! The tomatoes have almost grown out of their cages! I have 4 baby peppers growing, about an inch in diameter, my corn is about three times as high (and way thicker) than it was when I started, my strawberries are producing flowers like mad (hopefully now that there’s more sun I’ll get some fruit), and my tomatoes are almost outgrowing their cages! This is so satisfying! And you know the best part? I’m having so much fun with it, and the hubby is so wonderful, that we’re going to he’s going to build me another raised bed! There won’t be a lot in it this year, several varieties of vine-y things I want to try, and then next year I’ll plant all my corn, tomatoes, etc. there. Since they’re actually growing I can give them a little more breathing room (I’m used to having half of them die on me, so I plant them a bit close so I don’t end up with gaping holes). So excited! Oh, and guess who tipped me off to raised beds? That’s right. My favorite student. :-D


My coworker who works for the kitty rescue my store fosters for tried to explain to me the other day why they insist that “bonded” pairs or groups of cats go together. She said that in other rescues, they will break up sibling groups, etc, and the cats left behind cry and cry. I feel like…they get over it. Most cats stay in our store a long time. And it’s because, of the (counting in head) 13 cats in our store which can be adopted (plus 2 in foster care), 3 can go alone (and one of those 3 is 14 years old). The other 10 (plus 2 in foster care) have to go in groups, or my favorite can go to a home with another cat already there. Even the kittens. The little, tiny, resiliant, learning about the world and facing overwhelming things all the time kittens. It is crazy. They will adapt. Their “if there’s any chance they’re bonded we make them go together so we don’t possibly cause pain for them” philosophy is crazy in my opinion. They could save a lot more cats, and get them into good homes, if they’d be a little more lenient and give the cats time to adjust. True bonding? OK, maybe. Cutting more slack to someone willing to take a group? Great. But making people fill out an application, do a phone interview, submit to a home visit, and take 2-3 cats is just a bit nutso. And then people wonder why no one gets pets from rescues!


Toby is adorable and cuddly. Puppies make life worth living. :-D

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One response to “Random is my middle name!

  1. Erica

    Eileen Random Murphy. It has a good ring to it. :)

    So have you seen the new Twilight movie yet? I heard it is one of the better ones.

    Also I <3 you. You are soooo adorable. :D


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