And they wonder why people go to breeders…

We are going to have some random mini-posts today. Because I’m tired. And I wanna.

I am SO SICK of animal rescues. I have tried to work with several as a trainer, offering discounts to adopters, etc. Repeatedly I get either extremely rudely turned away (even before I was a trainer, when I just wanted to volunteer) or led on and then disdainfully bitchslapped after investing time and/or money. Like the time the head of a shelter talked to me after the mayor introduced me to him, and he was all excited about me offering free classes at his shelter and a discount to his adopters, and he gave me a tour and passed me along to the right people and told me to order up some posters and we had the day of the first free class scheduled…when someone else at the shelter told me they already had a trainer and they’d rather work with her and they didn’t want me to come at all and how dare I try to step on the other trainer’s toes (that I wasn’t aware existed) and, basically, screw me. The attitude of the places drives me nuts. You know, the whole we-are-doing-great-things-and-maybe-we’ll-allow-you-to-donate-your-time/resources-to-us-if-we-are-feeling-really-generous-but-we’ll-look-down-on-you-the-whole-time attitude. I don’t expect gratitude when I ask about volunteering, or offer a discount on training to adopters, or whatever, but maybe a bit less look-down-their-nose-bitchiness would be nice. No is fine. No, I can’t believe you would even ask you stupid incompetant moron gets old. Oh, and then the whole we-can’t-believe-ANYONE-would-EVER-go-to-a-BREEDER-*ptooey*-for-their-new-pet-when-there-are-so-many-that-need-rescuing attitude. You want to know why, rescues? Because breeders don’t make you fill out a 5 page application and then do a phone interview and then do a home visit like CERTAIN rescues I know. They don’t judge you. A responsible one will ask you some questions, but not in a bitchy, judgemental way like a rescue will. And for often the same price or less, you can get a healthy, adorable puppy, rather than a traumatized adult who is going to need lots of re-training. I’m not saying people should go to breeders. I’m just saying, when you look at the options you give them, you are driving them to them! ARGH!

That’s just to name a bit. You should have heard my rant to my husband this morning. After waiting an hour to talk to someone at a rescue who I thought wanted to talk to me, only to have her be a total bitch and say, “Well the only trainers I send people to are ones who foster for me. I can give you a lot of business, but you have to do something for the rescue, if you know what I mean.” Um….what? 1) I had been considering fostering before this attitude, not anymore 2) I’m not looking for a ton of referrals, I was under the impression you liked having local contacts 3) If you are always looking for local resources, like you said, I’d assume you’d want to check them out based on quality and not whether they were wiling to submit to your blackmail. I did not need to waste an hour to hear your 10 seconds of conditions and then be ignored again.

*deep breaths*

I’m having a hard time getting my business going. I love animal rescues. I’d love to somehow work with them, but they want none of it. I keep giving up trying, but then I get positive signals from one so I get hopeful…until I get slapped down again.

On a related note, anyone have any great ideas on how to rustle up customers? I’d love them. Given that the market here is totally saturated, so the shelters, vets, stores, etc, don’t really want another set of fliers or even to hear from you, and I am not comfortable shmoozing in regular situations, nevermind when they’re glaring daggers at me, there is no networking that I can come up with. I have done a small amount, and it has been great, but for the most part the answer is a big, fat NO. My clients love me, I get lots and lots of positive feedback, but most people don’t like to talk about trainers to their friends…it’s kind of like giving a thigh master as a gift. I offer a referral bonus, namely I’ll send you a check if you refer me a new client (and are an old one), but not a lot comes from that, either.

And now that my rent has gone up, I’m a wee bit worried about if I can even pay it and still make enough money to make this all worth it. I love training…but not if it’s just for free.


I know, there are so many people out there with bigger problems. But still. My blog, my problems, and money is up there…


I’m watching my favorite student’s dog. She is such a sweetie. Total joy to be around.

It’s the first time her current family has left her since she was adopted. Last time her family left, they never came back.

It is the fourth of July weekend. There are fireworks going off.

Combine the two and you have one very anxious dog. She is probably 70 pounds and is trying to crawl into my lap.

I hate the fourth of July.


I do, however, love my new therapist. She is awesome. Amazing. It may have taken me a year to actually contact one, but I’m so glad I did! Even if mental health is ridiculously expensive…even with insurance…*sigh*


I have been reorganizing the dog food room at work. Repeatedly. Due to the sale of Natura (who makes 4 kinds of pet foods we carry(ed)) to Procter & Gamble and a bunch of food being yanked off the shelf. Reorganizing is oh-so-fun. (Yes, seriously.) But that’s not the best part. Tossing around 30 pound bags of food and cases of cans has it’s benefits. Yesterday when I weighed myself, I was down 1.5 pounds from the week before :-D

Today I was back up. But we’re counting yesterday.



Do you know what my sweet, wonderful husband is doing with his long weekend?

He is building me another raised garden bed.

The first one is doing so well, he suggested doing another. One where I could plant more things for me (since much of this one is tomatoes and bell peppers, the former of which I won’t eat and the latter of which I’m meh about).

He spent all day shopping and sawing and drilling and hammering.

And he doesn’t get gardening. At all. It has all the draw of a dentist appointment to him.

I love my hubby!

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