So this weekend my hubby and I built another raised garden bed. We learned from the first one, and this one is even MORE beautiful! Today I filled it full of dirt and planted it full of plants. The lineup: watermelon, cantaloupe (yes, I know these aren’t supposed to grow well in the Pacific Northwest, worth a try), cucumber, zucchini, corn, sweet peas, pumpkin. Lots ‘o’ vines. 3 watermelon varieties, 2 cantaloupe, 1 zucchini (which I hoped wouldn’t take over everything), 2 types of cucumber, 2 types of pumpkin. One plant each.

I go to plant them. Pull off the pot around the first watermelon. The dirt crumbles in my hands.

Revealing four watermelon plants.


I’ve never grown such things before (well, some zucchini when I was much younger and not paying attention). I had no idea that the multiple stalks were multiple plants!

So now I have 10 watermelon plants, 6 cantaloupe, 6 cucumber, and 3 massive zucchini, each with flower buds already. And some pumpkin. I left them all on the same hill and didn’t count.

They’re nice and cozy. And if the other box is any indication, will hopefully survive the tight quarters and thrive.

That, or the notorious weed of the Northwest will take over the entire box.

Anyone want some zucchini?


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2 responses to “Oops

  1. What fun!!!

    Did I ever tell you that I loved the book (damn you)? Now I spend ridiculous amounts of time staring at the sci-fi section at half price books in the vain hope that I will find the other books.

    • HAHAHA! I have gotten so many great books at Half Price Books…but not necessarily the exact book I need right when I need it :-P Half.com can be a good choice..sometimes. Especially if you find one shipper with all the books, shipping is almost nothing!

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