My hot date

A couple nights ago I took myself out on a hot date. It was Saturday, I’d been wanting to do a certain something, and there’s no one who lives near me who would actually enjoy doing it with me (though the hubby was willing, it’s just not as fun that way).

So I took myself to see Twilight: Eclipse!

(Side note  – big step for me! I rarely go out, I have a hard time leaving my house for anything other than work. I usually want someone else, preferably my hubby, to keep me company/shield me from people. I was so proud that I not only went out and did something I wanted to do, I did it all on my own. w00t! On the other hand, it’s kind of sad that’s an accomplishment :-P )

The biggest thing that hit me and I kept noticing me the whole movie: They know this is going to be a good-selling movie that will get them lots of money. They use tons of close-ups of the Cullens’ faces. And yet, despite dying all the Cullens’ hair, they didn’t dye their eyebrows. Come on, what was the problem, no budget?? This is not something I ever notice, but it was just screaming out at me this movie! I think the golden eyes and golden hair surrounding the black brows just accented it.

You can kind of see it here, but I swear they touch up all these images to make it less obvious. In the movie, with the pale skin, the bright light, and the solid-black eyebrows it is horrible. And he’s not the only one, just the worst offender imo since the eyes and hair are almost identical.

Moving on, I thought the movie was good. Certainly the first movie I would ever consider showing to someone who hasn’t read the books. It can almost stand alone as a movie. Even if the ending was totally lame and out of nowhere (the only thing I can think of I found really poorly done). And the music just made it worse. But still, in spite of that, could almost be considered watchable by an outsider.

However, there was less bringing-to-life of the characters to me as someone who had read the books. I don’t know. It felt like they lost a lot of the joy. While to books do have intensity and brooding (it is about teens, after all), they are also full of joy! Bella is singing with love for Edward, and visa-versa. I get the impression they just have so much happiness together. That Edward is smiling at her all the time. That generally they are happy, and the crazy shit is the exception. I got this some when they started hanging out in the first movie, like walking into school that first day. I definitely got it at the very beginning of the second movie, for that short period where they’re relaxed and teasing and happy about her birthday. It was almost nowhere in the third movie. Even the happy parts were more intense than happy. Like the night she spent at his house (pre-engagement). No real smile when she showed up. Etc. Even the not happy parts were more intense. Like the talk with her mom. None of the light joking it off, all of the intense observation.

I did however, love the sex talk. :-D

One of my favorite scenes: When they get engaged. It’s like the only moment in the movie that is pure joy. The laughter, the spinning, it made my heart smile :-) Actual joy! That is what I think of with that couple! Well, a lot of the time anyway. Yes, lots of serious discussions/arguments. But also lots and lots of joy :-)

I wonder if part of the general lack is their interpretation of Edward’s “half smile,” which is just a smile he does with half his mouth, but still a full, happy smile. Wonder if they took that to mean it was half-hearted? Or I wonder if the actor just can’t do it effortlessly, so he didn’t really smile…?

My little sister-in-law summed it up. In the books, she’s an Edward fan. In the movies, she’s a Jacob fan. And I totally get it. Edward is scary and intense and creepy in the movies. He almost never smiles (basically, at the beginning of the second movie is it). Such a downer. Jacob is much happier and more relaxed. In the movie, he’s more fun to be around. But in the books, Jacob is (in my opinion) obnoxious and pushy and whiny, and while Edward is scary and intense and creepy, he’s also joyful and funny and loving and gentle. I wish that side of Edward came out more. ’cause watching the movies…why pick Edward? :P

However, I’m totally an Edward fan, and to me the movies are just ways to bring scenes of the books to life, so I could never choose Jacob. He just rubs me the wrong way. *shudder*

Have you seen it? What did you think?



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2 responses to “My hot date

  1. I have seen it twice…and loved it each time! I think I took it for what it was worth, we all know the books are by far better, our minds can create so much more than a movie.

    I did think he needs to smile more and not be so “strict”, so to speak. So I did go and rent that other movie he did “Remember me” Umm yeah….dont see that one…there is no fun in that one at all!

    But all in all 2 thumbs up, even the hubs enjoyed it and he hasn’t read the book or seen New Moon!

    • Agreed, I certainly didn’t expect it to be awesome, I just thought it was interesting that they improved one thing (general quality/appeal) and what they traded was the joy. Glad to know I’m not alone in thinking he was so strict!

      I totally want to go see it again just to compare. I kind of want to own the movies. That’s a little disturbing to me. :P

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